Jason G. Bromer, MD was interviewed by Fertility Authority on advances in surgery for fertility treatment. From advances in tubal ligation reversal to the impact of robotic surgery on fibroid treatment, Dr. Bromer talks surgery for fertility treatment in 3 short videos.

Dr. Jason Bromer Talks Surgery for Fertility Treatment

Dr. Jason Bromer - Advances in Tubal Ligation ReversalDr. Jason Bromer - Robotic Surgery for Fertility TreatmentDr. Jason Bromer - Robotic Surgery for Fibroid Treatment
What are the advances in tubal ligation reversal? How is robotic surgery being used to fertility treatment? How are these advances impacting fibroid treatment?

Dr. Jason Bromer is a fertility specialist at Shady Grove Fertility Center’s Frederick, MD office. Dr. Bromer is also available for new patient consultations in Hagerstown, MD and Harrisburg, PA.

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