On Saturday, June 11, 2016, Shady Grove Fertility joined the Tinina Q. Cade Foundation to host the 11th annual Maryland Race for the Family at the Maryland Zoo. The Cade Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes infertility awareness and provides grants to infertile couples in order to access treatment that otherwise would not have been possible.
Those who came were entertained by the 5K race, a magic show, toddler trot, Savannah’s Playground, and of course the long awaited grudge match between the Shady Grove Fertility physicians and embryologists. This year, the SGF physician team won the race, and the bragging rights.
We had over 715 walkers and runners join us for the race at the Baltimore Zoo and, with the help of many volunteers, fundraisers, and 15 sponsors, the event raised over $85,000 for the Cade Foundation!

SGF Patient Receives $10,000 towards Fertility Treatment at the Maryland Race for the Family

As always, the most anticipated part of the event was the announcement of the 2016 winner of the $10,000 raffle toward fertility treatment and medications. In support of  our patients, Shady Grove Fertility donates one treatment cycle, up to a $10,000 value, to be raffled off to one lucky couple, with medications donated by EMD Serono. “The Race for the Family is a great event that allows us to increase awareness, share hope, and connect families who are overcoming infertility. We are honored to partner with Shady Grove Fertility and are grateful for their generous support,” said Dr. Camille Hammond, CEO of the Cade Foundation.

This year, Jennifer Smith, a current patient of Dr. Jason Bromer from the SGF Frederick office, won the raffle. In a very touching story, her friend entered both Jennifer and her husband, Jeremy, into the raffle and they were beyond excited to hear that they were the winners!
Jennifer and Jeremy have been trying to conceive for 6 years but it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that they realized something more might be going on. They then knew it was time to see a specialist, and that’s how they found Shady Grove Fertility. Over the past 6 months at SGF they have gone through five intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycles and only have insurance coverage for one more cycle.

Jennifer shared, “With no more insurance coverage, after the next cycle we knew we were going to be done, so it’s been really hard on us. The only thing that has given me faith the past month was knowing that the Cade Race was coming up; I felt really happy and excited for the first time in months—it was the only thing that pulled me through this month. I had no idea we were going to win, but I just had faith. When I heard my best friend, ‘Hardesty’s,’ name called, I couldn’t believe it—I’ve never cried happy tears before. It was honestly the best feeling to have one of your best friends there and to hear his name called—it was amazing!” 

“Thanks so much to Shady Grove Fertility and the Tinina Cade Foundation for this opportunity—even to know it was an opportunity before we won has helped so much. It gave me faith. And a special thanks to all of the nurses, doctors, team members, my race team “Giddy Up,” and my friends and family for supporting us, cheering for us, wishing us luck, and/or donating. To me they deserve credit because they helped make it happen—not only for us but for the Cade Foundation and all of the future winners,” Jennifer added.

Shady Grove Fertility would like to thank everyone who supported this year’s Maryland Race for the Family: the SGF physicians and staff, the runners and walkers, our corporate sponsors, and all of those who donated to this fantastic cause. For nearly a decade, Shady Grove Fertility and the Cade Foundation have worked together to raise more than $580,000 to help couples struggling with infertility.