As we light the candles on our 30th birthday cake this year, we’re also celebrating all the moments and milestones that led us to one of our most beaming accomplishments yet: 100,000 Shady Grove Fertility babies born. When we first opened our doors in 1991, one SGF baby was born approximately every 20 days. Today, 14 SGF babies are born every single day from hope — hope for answers, brighter tomorrows, and a family.

SGF came to be because our two founding physicians, Dr. Michael Levy and Dr. Art Sagoskin, wanted to offer the Rockville, Maryland community a ‘patient comes first’ approach to care. Their honest and simple mission has since grown into a mantra for more than 70 physicians practicing across 41 offices nationwide, one office in Santiago, Chile, 11 state-of-the-art embryology labs, and international partner clinics throughout the UK and Canada.

Yet, as we’ve grown in size, we haven’t outgrown our touch for personalized patient care. We smile at every birth announcement received in the mail. We cheer alongside you at the first sight of your baby on the ultrasound. And we’re there for the quiet times you simply need a hand to hold.

We’re here for all the moments and milestones.

“The fertility journey is made up of moments — some big, like hearing a baby’s heartbeat, and some small, like the time a nurse said just the right thing on a day a patient needed encouragement the most,” shares Dr. Levy. “On our 30th anniversary, we honor and celebrate all the moments made possible if not for the sheer grit and resilience of our patients as well as the tireless efforts of the entire SGF care team. This campaign celebrates moments that happen while patients are in our care and those moments beyond, like baby’s first steps, a child winning that soccer championship, your son’s high school graduation, or father and daughter walking arm in arm down the aisle.”

“A patient’s relationship with SGF is lifelong,” adds Dr. Sagoskin. “Your moments matter to us long after you leave our care. When you come to SGF you become part of a 30-year strong community. You become part of our family.”

Our Story is the Story of Our Patients

“I can look back 30 years and there are so many meaningful moments,” reflects Dr. Levy. “I still get pictures of 25-year-olds! There are so many stories that are just incredibly moving to me.”

Earlier this summer, we invited our SGF family to be a part of our commemorative video storybook by sharing photos and videos that reflect their SGF story on social media with #MomentsMadePossible. It’s our wish that this video storybook will inspire others and provide hope to those who need it most.

“While we joyfully celebrate 100,000 babies born, what we do is so much more than a tally of babies born,” says Vicki Gerber, SGF Executive Managing Director. “The magnitude of our efforts reverberates for many years and generations to come. Every team member at SGF is an integral part of the care community. We take pride that our mission is one of restoring hope when it’s lost, calming fears in the face of uncertainty, and offering solutions after a setback. And we do it with an assembly of professionals who have the biggest hearts. That’s what makes SGF truly special.”

We promise to do what’s best for our patients every single day. And not just for the patients we’re walking alongside now, but also for the ones who will someday find the courage to say, “I need help.” Our dedicated practice leaders, passionate physicians, and all team members will continue to raise awareness of infertility and give a voice to many who keep their path to parenthood private. Let your voice be heard on social with #MomentsMadePossible. 

Here’s to another 30 years of moments made possible with SGF. And importantly, here’s to you.

Your dream of growing or expanding your family is within reach. Schedule an appointment to get started today. Please contact our New Patient Center at 877-971-7755 or submit this brief online form.