By now, you have likely seen or heard of Whitney and Spencer Blake, a couple who openly discussed their infertility through humorous infertility announcements on their blog. Just likely many couples, they were inundated with pregnancy and birth announcements on their social media feed, and it was a constant reminder of what they were sourly missing, “We try to be happy and congratulatory, but when we are at the heart of our struggle, it’s really devastating,” says Whitney to Good Morning America.

humourous infertility announcement - dead end

While their project has struck a chord with thousands of women and men struggling with infertility, it also opened the topic to the fertile crowd, “We heard people that said, ‘Wow, that made me think about it in a different way’ [and] it’s nice to hear that.”

Shady Grove Fertility’s Director of Psychological Support Services, Sharon N. Covington, MSW, LCSW-C, told ABC News that the photos were touching and “right on target.”

“Infertility is an experience that touches so many people in this country, yet is something that is still, for many, very hard to talk about,” Covington said. “There’s a lot of private shame and pain associated with it. Our patients talk about how social media can be a powerful source of support, but a painful one as well. They [the Blakes] did this with humor and were able to speak to the core issues.”

After years of unsuccessful infertility treatments, the Blakes decided to pursue adoption, and are now the proud parents of two boys. View the Blakes’ complete set of infertility announcements and read more of their story on their blog.

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