Preserving a woman’s fertility via egg freezing has been making recent headlines across the country. With newer technologies which have helped improve treatment and increased social awareness of not only the biological clock but an option to hit pause, egg freezing has become a viable option for women that want to delay motherhood.

Baltimore Style discusses the next frontier in fertility – “Motherhood on Ice”

The Baltimore Style‘s June 2013 edition tells the stories of Kathleen – a nurse who hit 40 and still hadn’t found the perfect guy – and other women who have chosen to freeze their eggs as a means to postpone parenthood. When one of Kathleen’s friends went through IVF treatment, she encouraged Kathleen to look into egg freezing. After doing her research and meeting with Shady Grove Fertility’s Dr. Ricardo Yazigi, Kathleen proceeded with fertility preservation – eventually going through two rounds of treatment to retrieve 26 eggs to freeze for future use.

“What we are doing is freezing time. Women can freeze their eggs in their early 30s, and then com in, up to their late 40s, and have a child of their own,” explains Dr. Yazigi.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1 in 5 women in the United States have their first child after the age of 35. Whether the reasons are financial, they haven’t met the right partner, or careers came first, women are also understanding that their fertility and chances of carrying a healthy pregnancy to term do decrease with age.

What is the answer to postponing pregnancy and decreasing fertility? Egg freezing. As technology improves so will success rates and a woman’s access to care.

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