Coping in the Time of COVID

This is an unprecedented time of profound exponential change, a medical and economic pandemic with an enormous emotional toll. For those who have been struggling to have a family, the fact that treatment has been put on hold and delayed due to COVID19 exacerbates all the normal feelings of distress related to infertility. Anxiety, anger, sadness, fear, lack of control, and uncertainty are all aspects of grief one feels from the losses associated with both the consequences of infertility and COVID. Further, being able to deal with these feelings are made all the more difficult by our lack of normal supports and imposed social isolation made necessary for COVID.
The SGF Psychological Support Team has some suggestions to help in coping during this uncertain time:
  • Create structure in your daily life to help create some normalcy. Keep a schedule for work, exercise, downtime and socializing—all virtually. Continuity is very important in daily life during this time of social isolation, but be sure to disengage from tech devices at least one hour before going to bed. 
  • Limit your exposure to daily newscasts and social media, which can add to anxiety, to thirty minutes a day.
  • When seeking information to deal with anxiety and uncertainty, choose sources you can trust:
  • Access good information on resources and coping:
  • Utilize apps for stress management, meditation, and sleep help, many of which are being offered for free during this crisis:
  • Seek out help and support as needed using virtual connections.
We want you to know we are here to help and that you are not alone during this time. Hope is essential in facing both infertility and this pandemic. We will get through this and we will do it together.
Contributed by: 
SGF Psychological Support Services Team