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Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing - Extending Fertility Potential

The belief that you will someday have a baby and become a mother is a common dream shared by nearly every woman. The question for most is not usually if they will have a child but rather when it will happen. Happily, this expectation is fulfilled naturally for many, but for others, personal circumstances or medical conditions can become barriers to achieving parenthood.

A woman’s fertility is largely dependent on the quantity of her eggs. As a woman ages her fertility potential or egg quality decreases as does the chances of conception. Additionally, some medical conditions such as premature menopause accelerate the aging of eggs while other conditions, cancer or lupus for example require treatments that often have an adverse effect on fertility. Whatever the cause, diminished egg quality significantly impacts one's ability to conceive.

The Egg Freezing Program at Shady Grove Fertility offers egg freezing technology (also called oocyte vitrification) to protect a woman’s fertility in all of these situations. By making the choice to freeze her eggs today, a woman can lock in her fertility potential for future use when the circumstances and timing are right for her. Learn about the Egg Freezing Process.

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Age and Fertility Preservation

Best Time to Freeze Your EggsEgg freezing is intended to extend the biological clock. Female fertility begins declining in the early 20s but conception rates remain high into the 30s. By her mid-30s, the decline accelerates to reach minimal pregnancy potential by the time the woman reaches age 45. In addition, women over 35 women have an increased risk of miscarriage and/or genetic abnormalities in their children as a result of age-dependent changes in egg quality. Therefore, the best age to preserve eggs is in your early to mid 30s. When a woman uses her frozen eggs in the future, even if a number of years have passed, both the pregnancy rates and the incidence of miscarriage and genetic abnormalities will be based on the age of the woman when the eggs were frozen, not her age when she uses the eggs.

Egg Freezing by Vitrification

Vitrification is an ultra-rapid freezing process that preserves eggs for future use. This technology is a very efficient and effective method that demonstrates strong survival, fertilization, and embryotic development rates after thawing. 

By applying the new advances in cryopreservation, many groups, including our own, have realized a sharp increase in survival rates of the eggs once thawed (over 80%) and subsequent fertilization rates (as high as 80%). Pregnancy rates are also reassuring. Now, women interested in freezing their eggs can gain insurance to secure her fertility potential for future use when circumstances and timing are right for her.

Shady Grove Fertility has been successful in egg freezing by vitrification using donor eggs, for patients undergoing IVF fertility therapy, for eggs from women about to undergo cancer or other medical therapies that might compromise their fertility. Based on the pregnancy success rates of vitrification used for these treatment options, Shady Grove Fertility now offers the egg freezing option for women who desire to preserve their fertility for the future.

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  • To talk with someone about the egg freezing process at Shady Grove Fertility, or to answer any questions you may have, please call 877-411-9292 to talk to an Egg Freezing Patient Liaison or submit an inquiry form online.

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