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Financial Services Team

The financial services representatives at Shady Grove Fertility are integral members of your primary care team—a team whose mission is to enhance your experience. Our patient financial services team members will work very closely with you to make the financial aspects of the process as manageable, understandable, and transparent as possible.

Financial considerations are an important part of any medical care, especially in the decision to pursue fertility treatment. Therefore, Shady Grove Fertility has comprised a team of financial professionals, well versed in the intricacies of managed care, health insurance, and financing to help address your questions and meet your needs.

Our financial services team is comprised of our financial counselors, insurance benefit verification and managed care specialists, billing and collections specialists, financial program administrators, and credentialing and contracting specialists.

Each team operates under the leadership provided by Janice Koch, Gloria Betz, Katy Geddes, Angela Tablada, and Denise Prowant who, together, have a combined total of 65 years of experience in delivering optimal patient financial services here at Shady Grove Fertility. For our patients, this means they can rest assured that their care is being handled by experts with the longevity and experience needed to help them access and fully maximize their benefits

the patient financial services team

Financial Counselors

A financial counselor at Shady Grove Fertility is someone will who work with you and guide you through your financial journey from beginning to end. Working very closely with your clinical team, he or she is responsible for putting the most advantageous options in front of you and advising you on the pros and cons of each approach, unique to your treatment plan, financial situation, and preferences.

Our financial counselors are at your service to explain to you, in terms that are easy to understand, the cost of treatment and the extent of your infertility insurance benefits prior to starting treatment. Their intricate knowledge of health insurance allows them to help you maximize benefits that may be available to you through your insurance plan. They will provide not only the initial financial consultation to ensure you understand your financial obligations and options but also ongoing financial education and assistance throughout the continuum of care.

Our financial counselors also collaborate with the rest of the patient financial services team to act on your behalf throughout the benefit verification, referral intake, and authorization processing/deposit collection processes. He or she will help you keep your account organized by obtaining, recording, and updating personal, financial, and insurance information.

Your financial counselor acts an educator, advocate, and liaison for you. It is priority #1 to ensure you receive the highest level of customer service possible.

Insurance Benefit Verification and Managed Care Specialists

Behind the scenes are the managed care specialists who communicate directly with the insurance providers. Their primary goal is to ensure that benefits are verified, authorizations are in place, and documentation requirements are met to avoid delays and denials of coverage. They also work closely with the clinical team and financial counselors throughout the various aspects of the diagnostic and treatment process.

Billing and Collections Specialists

A billing and collection specialist is responsible for generating timely billing of all charges. He or she reviews outstanding balances to ensure they are processed and paid in a timely manner. They work closely with the patients to collect all balances, from both patient and insurance company, and to see the accounts to resolution. This diligence helps to control overall costs and avoid an outstanding balance being left unpaid. Keeping unpaid fees to a minimum ensures the overall financial health of the practice.

Financial Program Administrators

Last year, over 3,000 patients participated in a Shady Grove Fertility financial program. These programs are specially designed to help patients access care that otherwise they would not be able to due to financial restrictions and/or a lack of insurance coverage. Two of the most popular programs at Shady Grove Fertility are the Shared Risk 100% Refund Program and the Shared Help Discount Program. Each program has dedicated program administrators who work diligently to intake and process program applications and manage the administrative aspects of the program. These teams ensure a streamlined experience for each patient and strive to make the process as easy as possible.

Credentialing Specialists

In addition to our financial teams who work one-on-one with patients, our credentialing and specialists play a vital role on the patient financial services team. These specialists are focused on ensuring that each physician is appropriately licensed in the states in which he or she practices and meet the requirements set by each individual insurance company. As a result, our physicians are able to accept plans from over 30 insurance providers. This important first step lays the foundation for patients who are planning to use insurance to access the care they need.

All of our financial service representatives are committed to optimizing our patients’ satisfaction and experience. They are available to address any issues that may arise, as well as help you find suitable solutions.

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