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Virtual Nutrition Consults Now Available

Nutrition services are available via virtual consult with our licensed and registered dietitian, Meghan Sylvester. To schedule, call 301-610-7753.

Unfortunately, all other in-person services, including massage and acupuncture, are not currently available. To learn more, and get on the waiting list for when we reopen, click here.


Acupuncture for Fertility

Acupuncture for fertility services are available in Rockville, MD; Fair Oaks, VA; and Washington, D.C. - K Street.

Reducing Stress with Acupuncture

A 2013 survey of fertility patients reported that 69 percent of respondents believed acupuncture helped them reduce stress during treatment; 33 percent believed that incorporating this service helped them conceive. (Complementary Medicine Attitudes and Usage Survey. 2012. n=448)

In acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medicine treatment, tiny needles are strategically and methodically placed in various energy points on the body. Acupuncture moves "Qi,” (pronounced "chee"), a form of energy, that, according to the traditional Chinese medicine experts, must move around the body uninterrupted. If the Qi or energy flow throughout the body becomes interrupted, illness or disease, including infertility, can arise. According to some, acupuncture works to restore the flow of Qi and provides a restorative, calming, stress-relieving effect.

Research published in a 2002 issue of Fertility and Sterility also noted that acupuncture increases endorphin (the body's feel-good hormone) production in the brain, which may ultimately help to lower stress.

While undergoing acupuncture, most patients report a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. Often, the patient may feel a sensation of numbness, heaviness, or tingling where the acupuncturist inserts the needle. Some patients may experience the sensation of what is considered the Qi radiating from the needle and traveling along various channels and meridians. All of these sensations may indicate that the body’s energy has been activated and that treatment is progressing.

During a typical acupuncture treatment, the needles are left in for about 20 to 30 minutes. During this time your body temperature may lower; your organ systems, heartbeat, and respiration may slow down; and muscle tension may lessen.

Given that many patients report increased stress with infertility treatment, we encourage you to discuss with your physician if using acupuncture could benefit you.

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