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Recipient Patient Story

Our path to donor egg treatment

Just after meeting my husband, we found ourselves working together in Lucca, Italy. Though we had only been dating for six months, we already knew that we were soul mates. It was in Lucca that we began to dream of all that our lives would be together...including someday having a child. A child we had decided to name Lucca because we felt the name captured our love and dreams as a couple.

I knew there may be some complications with conception but didn’t realize the full extent until my husband I began to try to have a child. When I was in high school, I had a surgery to remove a large ovarian cyst which required them to take a portion of my ovary and fallopian tube. After the surgery, I was placed on birth control pills in an attempt to prevent any future cystic growth. What the doctors did not realize then was the shock of that surgery put me into a pre-menopausal state.

Before finding Shady Grove Fertility, we tried with various things like ovulation kits, fertility watches, and homeopathic doctors. After having a series of tests done we found that my husband was perfectly healthy, but my hormone levels of a woman in menopause. We tried fertility drugs and intrauterine insemination (IUI), and finally we were told that the only way that we could conceive was with a combination of egg adoption and IVF.

We continued to work with our fertility specialist. Unfortunately, they did not have their own egg donor bank; instead, they collaborated with a local bank. We were than told that their website didn't have current donors and had to wait for them to send us emails as donors became available. After months of sending frustrated emails asking to be sent any possible donors without much response, we knew something was not right and that we needed to look into other options.

Finding Hope at Shady Grove Fertility

When we met the Shady Grove Fertility team, I immediately knew that they cared. Our team, which we now call our Shady Grove Family wanted to move heaven and earth to make our dream of having a child a reality. In particular, Angela on the donor team was so kind and understanding. She listened to our wishes for a donor and never stopped for one second in her search for the "perfect donor" for us.

After trying to conceive for six years, I got a call from Angela saying she thought she had found the perfect donor. I ran to the computer and cried as I read the profile because I knew that this woman who took such care to understand our hopes and wishes for our donor was right. She had found us the perfect donor!

While I knew that any woman that was donating her eggs was remarkable, there was something about this donor that just made me feel instantly bonded with her. I knew that this particular woman was kind in the way that she wrote. She seemed so incredibly happy and her smile in her childhood picture just beamed with joy. For me, that was all I needed to know.

I immediately felt a deep connection with this woman. This woman that gave me everything and yet I will never even know her name. In asking myself how to make a peace with never being able to truly thank her, I find myself writing to you. I want to help other woman see what our donor did for us. She changed our life forever. I find myself wanting to say to you that at each and every one of your appointments your recipient will be there in spirit and so incredibly grateful in her heart.

Saying Thank You

I can remember back to when I was first told that I would need a donor - I was devastated. I felt a depth of pain that I couldn't process except with to just cry. And yet there I was crying different tears when I found our donor, knowing that the pain was finally over. I found a sense of total peace knowing that this incredible woman was going to help us. I knew that this woman was going to allow my heart to finally stop aching every time I looked in the face of another child, saw a beautiful pregnant woman walk by, or looked and saw the bassinet still sitting empty in my house.

I find myself unable to put into words the gift of utter hope, joy, gratitude, and peace that our donor gave us. Hope that we would soon have the child that we had dreamed of and cried for years over. Joy in finally allowing ourselves to imagine our child in our lives and every beautiful detail of our pregnancy. Gratitude because our donor gave us the greatest gift we will ever receive in our lives. Peace in knowing that after years our happy ending was now coming. It is with all of heart that I thank you all.

Thank you for the utterly life changing gift that you give others by becoming an egg donor. It is the greatest, most selfless gift in the world. I used to dream of having a child someday and our dream will be a reality thanks to the incredible donor that made it possible.
~ Megan

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, please call 1-888-312-4499 or fill out our online application.

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