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Egg Freezing Webinar

WHEN: 3/10/2021 from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
WHERE: Online
Prospective and Current Patients

Join Valerie Libby, M.D., from SGF's Atlanta-Northside office, as she explores Shady Grove Fertility’s Egg Freezing Program. During the live event Dr. Libby will extensively review SGF’s simplified program, how to determine if egg freezing is right for you, what to expect during the egg freezing process, the success rates associated with egg freezing, and the unique Shady Grove Fertility financial programs.

After the presentation, Dr. Libby will host a live question and answer session with viewers.

A woman’s ability to freeze her eggs has been on the minds of women for several years. Advances in freezing technology along with the 2014 announcement by Google and Facebook that they would cover egg freezing costs for their employees brought the conversation to the fore front piquing the interest of millions of women of reproductive age. A woman’s fertility, or ability to have a baby, is largely dependent on the quantity and quality of her eggs. For all women, age—along with existing medical conditions—will have the greatest impact on her eggs. Egg freezing creates an alternative to the constant ticking of the biological clock.

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