Ashley  & Michael
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Ashley & Michael

Advanced Maternal Age
Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Naveed Khan, M.D.
Rockville, Maryland
Appomattox, VA
Donor Egg
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
Shared Donor Egg
“The universe unfolds exactly as it should”…quoted from THE DESIDERATA (meaning the “desired life”), this is our fundamental belief. So much so, that we have it inscribed in our wedding bands and both have it etched into our skin with matching tattoos. Blessed we were to find one another in life…albeit LATER in life, we finally found the perfect partner that we both prayed to find. The universe brought us together exactly when we were to find one another and when we were ready to begin the adventures that awaited us. 3 years after marrying, our adventures finally lead us to passionate pursuit of parenthood and PASSIONATE we were! Admittedly, we both took for granted that the sounds of angelic baby cries and toddling footsteps in our home would come quickly and easily, but we found those assumptions to be painstakingly UNTRUE.
Fast forward to 2017, 5 early-pregnancy losses and finally a diagnosis of “POOR EGG QUALITY”, we found ourselves MORE ENERGIZED and CONFIDENT in the promises of becoming parents. With that energy, we opened new doors with Shady Grove, per the support of a friend that had TWO successful pregnancies (thanks to Shady Grove) after many years of struggling. We started our journey with DONOR EGGS with a sense of grace and faith knowing that ONCE AGAIN, the universe would unfold exactly as it should. First Donor: ONLY ONE EGG: FET=no pregnancy. Second Donor: ONLY ONE EGG: FET= no pregnancy. A fleeting moment of sadness came over us and yet we never hit a wall; we never had any doubt that we would continue with our passionate search for the little one that was equally searching for us. While the FET’s never resulted in a pregnancy, we were relieved that we were not experiencing yet another loss. Third Donor: ONLY ONE EGG: FET=a truly GOLDEN egg…PREGNANCY…and an abundantly beautiful and healthy (42 weeks) one at that!
At the wise ages of 43 and many YEARS into our adventure, OUR GREATEST, Magnolia Grace finally arrived. Our arms that remained outstretched and hopeful were generously filled. Treatments that we had to go through (easy and simple and became a routine part of our day), the many miles we had to travel (we made those days into exciting “day dates”), and the time it took for “us TWO” to become a “we THREE” (many years total, but only ONE at Shady Grove)…ALL very insignificant in the grand scheme of things when it comes down to… Hearing those toddling footsteps echoing through our home. We love our perfectly imperfect story…that an IMPOSSIBLE turned into an “I’M POSSIBLE”…at Shady Grove. For others that are struggling with the journey to become parents…take a breath and throw open the windows to what Shady Grove can do for you. Don’t lose hope. Stay focused. Stay healthy. Be patient with yourselves and with one another. Know that “the universe unfolds exactly as it should”… May you find your arms and your lives forever full. Cups running over, Michael and Ashley.


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