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Shady Grove Fertility’s PRISM (Predictive Response to IVF Success Model) Provides Patients with a Reliable Data Comparison that Helps Predict the Likelihood that In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Will Lead to a Baby

SGF’s PRISM uses predictive modeling based on outcome data from thousands of former SGF patients with similar characteristics and diagnoses to help new patients reliably answer questions such as ‘what is my likelihood of having a baby using IVF?’

Washington, D.C. SGF’s PRISM predicts success with IVF using multi-factorial calculations from more than 15,000 SGF treatment cycles spanning 10,000+ patients since 2009. In order to help patients weigh their treatment options, SGF physicians prepare a customized prediction that’s based on individual test results of antral follicle count, levels of anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), as well as age of female patient, female body mass index (BMI), semen analysis results, and uterine abnormalities—an assortment of clinically relevant parameters that contribute to the likelihood of IVF success.

“When patients come to our center, the question most near and dear to them is ‘can you help me have a baby?’ While we can’t always answer with 100% certainty, we can certainly get very close with the help of a proprietary predictive model we call PRISM that analyzes success rates using specific factors to each patient that are known to be independent predictors of IVF success. And because all of our data comes from our laboratories, taking into account our technology, our quality controls, our expertise, techniques, and experience, our accuracy rate is exceptionally high. This is in contrast to other centers, who rely on a national data set that is less center-specific,” shared Eric A. Widra, M.D., SGF Chief Medical Officer, who sees patients in SGF’s Washington, D.C., K Street location.

“Another benefit of having access to a data set this substantial is that we can help patients plan for more than one baby. In fact, our modeling allows us to answer the question: ‘how many eggs can we likely retrieve, and how many good quality surplus embryos will be available to freeze for subsequent pregnancies using a frozen embryo transfer (FET)?’ Because of continuous technological enhancements, especially the improved efficiency of IVF, we often see one IVF cycle helping a couple build their entire family,” adds Widra.

As the technology of ART changes, and SGF’s research team gathers more data, we are able to positively impact success rates with the knowledge we obtain. SGF is one of the only large fertility centers in the nation to have a full-time research team who continually analyze internal data in order to refine clinical practice. Under the leadership of Director of Research and practicing board certified reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Kate Devine, SGF’s research team contributes to better outcomes for our patients.

“SGF prides itself on being transparent with patients by providing each patient with the most current information about treatment options along with the probability of a successful pregnancy associated with each option,” says Devine. “By providing personalized, evidence-based predictions to patients, we aim to help couples move through the IVF process with as much clarity as possible,” says Dr. Devine.

“No prediction method can offer a guarantee, and conditions—especially female age if she’s using her own eggs—affect outcomes significantly. The advantage to our patients is our vast experience having performed more than 65,000 ART cycles since our practice began in 1991; we can fine tune and personalize the treatment protocol with precision to maximize effectiveness,” adds Devine.

To learn more about IVF at Shady Grove Fertility or to schedule an appointment with a physician, please call 1-877-971-7755 or complete a brief online form.


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