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Female Testing

Testing for Female Infertility

Female factors account for approximately 40 percent of infertility cases in women of reproductive age; therefore, it's important to examine both partners for possible infertility issues.

During the female testing portion of the infertility work-up, your doctor will focus on the three most important aspects of female reproduction: the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and uterus. These reproductive organs can provide the following information:

  • Egg quantity: Do you have enough eggs to yield a pregnancy?
  • Fertilization ability: Are your Fallopian tubes open to allow passage of the egg?
  • Uterine receptiveness: Can an embryo implant in your uterus and can you sustain a pregnancy?

The tests in this section will help your doctor determine the health of your reproductive system, and will be instrumental in creating a plan to treat any potential causes of infertility.

If you have questions about diagnosing infertility or would like to schedule a consultation, call 1.888.761.1967 or schedule an appointment online.

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