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The Cost of Egg Freezing and Unique Programs that Make it Accessible

Taking the step to freeze your eggs is as much a financial decision as it is an emotional one. While many women are interested in egg freezing, they often hear about the expense associated with it and the unknowns—will it work, how do I know it’s for me—and wonder if it’s worth the cost? These questions and concerns about the cost of egg freezing are valid and it is for these very reasons we have taken measures to make egg freezing more financially accessible.

The three main steps of egg freezing include: the initial testing and physician consultation, freezing your eggs, and finally returning to use your frozen eggs to have a baby. Each step has a unique program associated with it in order to help more women take advantage of this new, fertility-extending technology.

Is Egg Freezing Covered by Insurance?

The first step towards egg freezing is to determine if it’s right for you, right now. Through simple ovarian reserve testing, which measures your current fertility, you can quickly have the answers you are looking for.

Once ovarian reserve testing is complete, you return to discuss results with your Shady Grove Fertility physician. Luckily, the majority of the over 30 insurance companies we participate with provide coverage for ovarian reserve testing and consultation. In fact, approximately 90 percent of Shady Grove Fertility elective egg freezing patients have coverage. The cost for patients paying out of pocket without coverage is $325.

The Cost of Egg Freezing

If you decided to pursue freezing your eggs, there are various programs to consider based on how many eggs you desire to freeze and how many cycles may be required to reach that quantity of eggs.

Over the past few years, Shady Grove Fertility has developed several financial programs that meet the various needs of our patients. Typically, we recommend women ages 37 and younger freeze 15 to 20 mature eggs and women 38 to 40 freeze 25 to 30 mature eggs. Our Fee for Service/Per Cycle financial option is a pay as you go option that includes the cost of egg freezing monitoring appointments, egg retrieval, cryopreservation, and the first year of storage for $7,500. There are no eligibility requirements for this option.

The Egg Freezing Discount Program is similar to the Fee for Service/Per Cycle fee, but offers women who may need multiple egg freezing cycles a treatment discount for each subsequent cycle.

Assure Fertility is one of the only flat-fee programs that guarantees either a certain number of eggs or cycles, whichever comes first. Depending on your age, ovarian reserve testing, and the number of kids you would like to have with your frozen eggs, you can estimate the number of eggs you should freeze to give you the best chances of taking home one or more babies. Shady Grove Fertility’s Assure Fertility financial program provides women wishing to freeze more eggs the best opportunity to freeze enough eggs at a set cost. Learn more about Assure 20 and Assure 30.

In addition to the cost of the egg freezing cycle, medication costs range from $4,000 to $8,000 per cycle.

Coming Back to Use Frozen Eggs

Once you freeze your eggs, they maintain the same “age” as they did when you froze them. For example, if you freeze at 36 and return at 41, your frozen eggs are the same quality as the age at which you froze. Women who freeze 15 to 20 mature eggs when they are 37 or younger have roughly an 80 percent chance of taking home a baby, compared to a 40 percent chance of taking home a baby if you freeze at 41.

This year, Shady Grove Fertility introduced Shared Risk 100% Refund Program for Returning Egg Freezing Patients. Patients pay a flat fee for unlimited egg thaws and frozen embryo transfers (FETs) from the eggs that they’ve previously frozen.

The program ensures that if you don’t deliver a baby after using all of your available frozen eggs, or if you withdraw out of the program at any time, you receive a full refund.

The requirements to enter this system are simple: your eggs must be frozen at Shady Grove Fertility, you must have a minimum of 10 mature eggs, thaw cycles must be complete by the age of 51, and you must meet the age requirements and have favorable ovarian reserve at the time of egg freezing.


To learn more about our egg freezing guarantee call 1-877-411-9292 to speak with one of our New Patient Liaisons or register for one of our upcoming patient educational events.

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