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New Financial Option to Help More Women Afford Egg Freezing

You asked for it, ladies! With payments as low as $195/month, Shady Grove Fertility’s new financial package for egg freezing offers a discount, and includes long-term storage to help you afford egg freezing.

Given the advances made in egg freezing technology, Shady Grove Fertility has seen an 83% growth in their egg freezing program since 2013, and numbers of women choosing this viable option continue to rise. The popularity of egg freezing at Shady Grove Fertility is largely contributed to continuous innovation that is increasing success rates; transparent, published success rates; and a variety of affordable financial programs.

New SGF Financial Program to Afford Egg Freezing

Due to the increasing demand from women who realize age’s impact on their biological clock, Shady Grove Fertility created a discounted financial program that brings egg freezing to preserve future fertility within reach for more women. The newest program provides women with yet another option to reach their future family building goals. The newest option for egg freezing candidates is a discount financial program that offers cycle one with long-term (5 years) storage included for as low as $195/month depending on credit and length of term, plus a partial refund on storage for women who choose to thaw/use their eggs early. There are no eligibility requirements in order to participate, and the monthly rate is based on credit history and length of term through Fertility Finance. For women who choose additional cycles, further discounts apply.

Additional Aspects to Consider

It is important to consider that outside lab testing and medications are not included in this cost. The cost of medication is determined by the patient’s response to medications which will vary, and can cost a few thousand dollars per cycle. Some insurance companies do cover the cost for medications.

Decision vs. Cost

When it comes to egg freezing, there are many unknowns—will it work, how do I know it’s for me, and is it worth the cost? An SGF physician would consult with you following your baseline testing (ovarian reserve testing) that measures your current fertility and advise you on the need, timing, and quantity of eggs to freeze based on your desire to have one, two, or three children in the future.

If you decide to pursue freezing your eggs, there are different programs and options to consider based on how many eggs you desire to freeze, as well as how many cycles may be required to reach that quantity of eggs. SGF’s evidence-based practice guidelines for egg freezing advise women ages 37 and younger freeze 15 to 20 mature eggs, and women 38 to 40 freeze 25 to 30 mature eggs.


Other SGF Programs to Help You Afford Egg Freezing

Insurance Coverage

SGF participates with over 30 insurance companies, and thankfully the majority of those 30+ companies provide coverage for baseline fertility testing and the follow up consultation. In fact, 90 percent of patients who have insurance have full or partial coverage for this testing and consultation. If this does not apply to you, then the cost is $325.

Assure Fertility

There are two options with our Assure Fertility program: Assure 20 and Assure 30. These programs guarantee either a certain number of eggs or cycles, whichever comes first. Both programs include the cost of monitoring appointments, the egg retrieval, cryopreservation, and the first year of storage. Financing is also available for both Assure 20 and Assure 30. In order to participate in this program, a woman must have favorable ovarian reserve and complete all cycles by the age of 41.

In the Assure 20 program, the package guarantees 20 mature eggs and up to four cycles for a standard fee. The cost is $12,500 for up to four cycles. One year of free storage is also included, and then it is $50/month thereafter. A partial refund is available after the first cycle if a patient is able to freeze 20 mature eggs or if the patient withdraws from the program.

With the Assure 30 program, 30 mature eggs and up to five cycles are guaranteed for a flat fee. The cost is $18,000 for up to five cycles. The storage option is the same as the Assure 20 program: 1 year of free storage and then $50/month for each month following. A partial refund is available if the patient is able to freeze 30 mature eggs in her first or second cycle or withdraws from the program prior to the initiation of her third cycle. View Our Financial Summary for Egg Freezing.

Money shouldn’t be the barrier for women who wish to freeze their eggs, which is why SGF offers various financial programs. We can back up our technology and approach with published success rate data and help women to take the guesswork and uncertainty out of their reproductive potential in the future.


To learn more about egg freezing and the new financial options or to schedule an appointment, call 1-877-411-9292 to speak with a new patient liaison.

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published in July 2017, but was updated for accuracy in May 2019. 

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