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Celebrating Nurses Week

by Dr. Eric Levens As we celebrate National Nurses Week, I wanted to spend some time describing the indispensable role nursing staff plays of caring for patients. Infertility nurses come from a variety of training backgrounds, but the vast majority have previous experience in Women’s Health Care. Infertility nurses work

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Nutritional Supplements and Your Fertility

by Dr. Eric Levens Claims abound that nutritional supplements will improve our health are constantly in the headlines. While nutritional supplements may provide some health benefits including pregnancy-related outcomes, nutritional supplements may not be as safe as they would seem, especially when considering early fetal development. I frequently get asked

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Are You Infertile?

by Dr. Anitha Nair Everyone starts with the same dream of a family…Meeting someone special, falling in love and when the time is right starting to have children. It can be devastating when you come to find this dream is not easy to make a reality. For most couples not

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Fertility and Weight Loss

by Dr. Anitha Nair Couples hoping to conceive often hold the misconception that body weight has nothing to do with getting pregnant. In reality, there is a clear association between weight and fertility and your doctor may encourage, or, as necessary, require a program of weight normalization combining dietary modification

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