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Oprah Magazine & Women’s Health Turn to SGF Atlanta’s Dr. McCarthy-Keith

OprahMag.com and WomensHealthMag.com have teamed up on a series to discuss how infertility impacts African-American women and the perception of infertility among the African-American community. They’ve surveyed more than 1,000 women and spoke with patients as well as leaders in the field, including SGF Atlanta’s own Dr. Desireé McCarthy-Keith. The

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Fertility Facts: Smoking and Male Infertility

Fertility Fact: Smoking decreases sperm quality leading to male infertility. Smoking and Male Infertility Smoking cigarettes has substantial harmful effects on fertility.  Couples undergoing IVF who smoke have approximately HALF the rate of success per cycle compared to non-smoking couples.  In addition, sperm gene damage can occur from direct binding

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