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Q&A with Dr. Browne: What Does Your Menstrual Cycle Say About Your Fertility?

Paulette Browne, M.D., of SGF’s Fair Oaks, VA location, is double board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, and obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Browne recently hosted a webinar about what your menstrual cycle says about your fertility, and helped address common questions and concerns. Join the next Q&A Webinar, or

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Glamour Magazine: Effects of Household Products on Your Fertility

When it comes to trying to conceive, many people wonder if environmental factors affect fertility. Therefore, Glamour turned to SGF’s own Eric Levens, M.D., of Shady Grove Fertility’s Annandale, VA office, to help answer the question, “Do household products affect your fertility?” and comment on new research published by Environmental

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Nutrition for PCOS

In honor of September being National PCOS Awareness Month, Shady Grove Fertility’s Wellness Center nutritionist, Meghan Sylvester RDN, LDN, hosted a webinar specifically about nutrition for PCOS. Meghan provided key information about managing PCOS through healthy lifestyle habits. What is PCOS? Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common ovulatory

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Trying to conceive? Romper Talks with SGF’s Dr. Levens about the LH Surge and Why It’s Important

When trying to conceive there are all sorts of new terms, phrases, and even products at the pharmacy you didn’t even know existed. You’ll likely find yourself taking your temperature first thing in the morning to determine your basal body temperature and spending more time than ever thought you would

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How are Babies Made?

If the last time you thought about the specifics behind the birds and bees—more formally known as reproductive physiology—was in your junior high health class, you are not alone. When it comes to truly understanding how human conception works, many people are stumped. So how are babies made? Let’s take

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