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Infertility Does Not Discriminate, Two Supermodels Share Their Story

Supermodel Tyra Banks and wife of John Legend, supermodel Chrissy Teigen, get candid with viewers on their new talk show Fablife where they discussed the question that is so often asked of women: When are you starting a family? This question can be especially hurtful to women who are struggling with fertility issues and they urge their viewers to refrain from asking such questions of women and snapping to quick judgments.

Infertility Does Not Discriminate

Teigen, age 29, commented on how intrusive it can feel when someone wants to know the answer to this question and went on further to share that she and her husband wanted children years ago, but it hasn’t quite happened yet. Banks, age 41, has also experienced her own insecurities of being asked when she plans to start a family.

For Teigan and Banks, their ages are relevant, as Banks represents what’s commonly seen in women trying to conceive at a later age—a steep decline in fertility for women after age 35. For Teigan, her relatively young age demonstrates that infertility does not discriminate and, even for women and men who are otherwise in their prime and healthy, from a reproductive standpoint, the story may be different.

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