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5 Ways Technology Continues to Improve Pregnancy Rates and Advance Reproductive Medicine

Thanks to technological advancements made in the last decade surrounding in vitro fertilization (IVF), thousands of SGF patients have achieved their dream of parenthood faster and with fewer IVF cycles. Read more about the advancements in assisted reproductive techniques that help SGF provide every advantage to patients wishing to start or

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Dr. Silva Joins The Morning Blend to Discuss When to See a Fertility Specialist and What to Expect from Testing

Dr. Celso Silva, who sees patients in SGF’s Tampa, FL location, joined The Morning Blend to explain when to see a fertility specialist and the three basic tests used to determine a patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan. Watch the full segment: here. Q: How common is infertility? Dr. Silva: “Infertility

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Taking Care of You on Mother’s Day … and Every Day

by Sharon N. Covington, MSW, LCSW-C Director, Psychological Support Services Springtime—and the month of May in particular—can be a difficult time for women experiencing infertility. Because Mother’s Day comes in the Spring when things are being born and growing all around us, women confronting this situation may feel like they are

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