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Making a Baby: It Takes Two (Diagnosing and Overcoming Male Factor Infertility)

Overcoming male factor infertility is possible through the right diagnostic testing and appropriate treatment protocols.  While the infertility conversation often revolves around the female partner, the male partner’s role is just as important. Infertility is often seen as a female problem, but surprisingly, 40 percent of cases are attributed to

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Shady Grove Fertility Represented Our Patients at Advocacy Day 2017

Advocacy Day is an annual event hosted by RESOLVE, The National Fertility Association and sponsored by Shady Grove Fertility where the infertility community comes together in Washington, D.C. to support legislative initiatives that will assist the 1 in 8 couples who experience infertility. It’s a chance to make the voice

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Trying to conceive? Romper Talks with SGF’s Dr. Levens about the LH Surge and Why It’s Important

When trying to conceive there are all sorts of new terms, phrases, and even products at the pharmacy you didn’t even know existed. You’ll likely find yourself taking your temperature first thing in the morning to determine your basal body temperature and spending more time than ever thought you would

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The Washington Post Highlights SGF’s 40,000 Babies

Recently, multiple prominent media outlets have been noticing and discussing Shady Grove Fertility’s size, influence, and high success rates. Following the article, “Baby Boom,” in Washingtonian’s May Issue, The Washington Post published the article, “How a tiny clinic turned into the biggest U.S. babymaker,” with Shady Grove Fertility as the

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Preconception vs. Prenatal Vitamins: Q & A with Dr. Eric Widra

As part of an ongoing blog series on fertility nutrition, we recently interviewed SGF’s Medical Director, Dr. Eric Widra, to discuss the difference between preconception vitamins and traditional prenatal vitamins. We have known for years that a woman’s nutrient needs prior to conception are different than they are throughout pregnancy.

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Shady Grove Fertility Welcomes Dr. Sunita Kulshrestha to the Southern Maryland Region

Shady Grove Fertility announced that Sunita Kulshrestha, M.D., FACOG will be joining the Shady Grove Fertility team in Waldorf, MD. Dr. Kulshrestha offers patients more than 17 years of experience successfully treating patients with infertility. For the past several years she has been part of the Shady Grove Fertility practice outside

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NBC4: A Look Inside the Country’s Largest Fertility Center

Local station NBC4 talks to Washingtonian and Shady Grove Fertility in: “A Look Inside the Country’s Largest Fertility Clinic.” Why did Washingtonian take the time to investigate Shady Grove Fertility? With the May issue of WashingtonianWashingtonian magazine’s feature on Shady Grove Fertility, NBC4 Washington invited the article’s author Caroline Cunningham,

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