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Shared Risk 100% Refund Program for Returning Egg Freezing Patients

100% Refund for egg freezing

Shady Grove Fertility's exclusive 100% refund for egg freezing is the only money-back guarantee available for returning egg freezing patients. Women who meet the age and ovarian reserve eligibility requirements at time of freezing are eligible for the Shared Risk 100% Refund Program for Returning Egg Freezing Patients.

At Shady Grove Fertility, women who follow the recommended guidelines on the number of eggs to freeze based on their age have a 65 to 80% chance of taking home at least one baby. Now patients can pursue treatment without the worry of cost versus chances of success, and without sacrificing high-quality medical care.

HOW OUR 100% Refund for Egg Freezing Works

Patients selecting this program may attempt egg freezing thaw cycles and any subsequent frozen embryo transfers (FETs) for a flat amount.¹ In the event the attempts are unsuccessful, or the patient chooses to withdraw at any time, 100% of the deposit is refunded.²

Women and couples achieving a pregnancy on the first attempt will pay more with this program than the traditional fee-for-service payment methods. On the other hand, if you don’t take a baby home, Shady Grove Fertility assumes the bulk of the costs, hence the name, “Shared Risk.”

costs not included in this program:
  • Outside lab testing
  • Embryo storage following the birth of a live and viable baby
  • Medication
  • Surgeries not related to IVF
  • Recruitment or purchase fees for donor sperm
  • Subsequent frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycles following a live birth
  • Must have frozen eggs at Shady Grove Fertility.
  • Must have frozen a minimum of 10 mature eggs.
  • Must meet age requirements and favorable ovarian reserve guidelines at the time of her egg freezing (same criteria to qualify for the Assure Fertility financial programs to freeze eggs).
  • Patients who have no insurance benefits (or choose not to use benefits) are eligible.
Possible Outcomes
  • Successful pregnancy and delivery.
  • Withdrawal from the program at any time, receiving a full refund.
  • Use all of the frozen eggs or frozen embryos created from frozen eggs that are available without conceiving and then receiving a full refund.

Learn more about success rates using frozen eggs or Shared Risk with preimplantation genetic screening (PGS).

¹Shared Risk payment is in the form of a refundable deposit.
²Exceptions apply, refer to contract for details.

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