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Egg Freezing Programs

egg freezing cost


here are several important factors into deciding to pursue egg freezing. The first decision for women who are considering egg freezing is to decide if it is a good option for them right now. At Shady Grove Fertility, patients complete ovarian reserve testing to evaluate current fertility potential, followed by a physician consultation. When results from ovarian reserve testing are paired with current and family medical history, the physician has the best information to provide recommendations for both freezing and using her frozen eggs. This discussion helps women make informed decisions about when and how many eggs to freeze.

At Shady Grove Fertility, getting these answers is easy. 90 percent of patients have coverage for diagnostic testing and the physician consult.

Should a patient wish to freeze her eggs based on her physician’s recommendations, there are two components of the total egg freezing cost: the cost of freezing eggs and the cost of using frozen eggs later to have a baby.

The Cost of Egg Freezing
The first main consideration regarding the cost to freeze eggs is based on how many eggs a woman needs to freeze to have the best chance of having a child later. As a general rule, as women age, both her quantity and quality of eggs decreases resulting in a need to freeze more eggs and likely more cycles to achieve the desired number of eggs. However, the decision on how many eggs to freeze and how many cycles to pursue is entirely up to the patient. In order to meet the various needs and wants of our patients, several financial options exist making egg freezing more accessible. Learn more about the various financial options.

The Cost to Use My Frozen Eggs
The second consideration is the cost when you are ready to come back and use frozen eggs to have a baby. It’s important to remember that egg freezing is a backup plan and not all women will need or use their frozen eggs. However, should you need or wish to use your frozen eggs, we have developed a 100% money-back guarantee program. Take home a baby or receive a 100% refund. Learn more about the financial options for using frozen eggs.

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