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Shared Help Discount Program

The Shared Help Discount Program is an income-based program that offers a discount on most treatment and procedures performed at Shady Grove Fertility. We approve approximately 87 percent of patients who apply for this program.

Discounts do not apply when patients owe fees for an outside service or insurance, including co-pays and deductibles.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Annual gross combined income (i.e., income of both the patient and partner regardless of marital status or living arrangement) must be $95,000 or less based on U.S. federal tax returns for the last 2 years (figure includes business income, rents, capital gains, etc.).
  • Meets normal medical criteria for desired treatment.
  • Uninsured or denied insurance coverage for the treatments and procedures.
  • U.S. resident.
  • Re-qualification is required every 12 months. Patients must send in updated tax returns.
Eligible Discounted Services
  • Pre-screening (day-3 bloodwork, semen analysis, mock embryo transfer (ET), hysterosalpingogram (HSG), saline sonogram, ultrasound, surgery, endometrial biopsy, mock cycle, injection class)
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)/in vitro fertilization (IVF) global fees
  • Donor egg fee-for-service (global) program
  • Timed intercourse and natural cycles
  • Egg thaw cycles
  • Shady Grove Fertility Ambulatory Surgery Center charges
  • Cryopreservation and storage charges
  • Pregnancy tests and ultrasounds
  • ESSURE procedure
  • Oncofertility
  • Multi-Cycle Discount Program
  • Shared Risk Programs (Shared Risk All-Inclusive Program excluded)
  • Donor egg bank fee-for-service option
  • If you are approved for Shared Help Discount, you are also eligible to receive a discount of 50% off of qualifying medications (Gonal F, Cetrotide, and Ovidrel) for your treatment cycle, through EMD Serono's Compassionate Care Program. Please ensure your nurse is made aware of your intentions to apply for the Shared Help Discount so that she can order your medications accordingly through RARx Pharmacy.
Ineligible Discounted Services

Discounts do not apply when the fees are paid to an outside service, including:

  • Egg freezing services, including Assure Fertility
  • All outside testing, including: HSG, infectious disease testing, genetic testing, preimplantation genetic lab analysis
  • All hospital, outside urologist, and anesthesia charges
  • Embryo batching
  • Program riders (gestational carrier, PGS, embryo biopsy, dual insemination, etc.)
  • Medications
  • Social worker/psychologist charges
  • Shipping and supply charges (i.e., collection condoms)
  • Insurance co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance fees

The following fees are ineligible for the Donor Egg Program:

  • Fixed costs (donor fees, medications, donor and gestational carrier pre-screening and genetic testing, and administrative fees)
  • Split egg donor cycle fees and designated known donor cycle fees
  • Shared Risk All-Inclusive Programs*
  • Donor Egg All-Inclusive Programs
  • Donor Egg Bank USA All-Inclusive Program

*These programs are ineligible for discounts because they include fixed costs (donor pre-screening, donor fees, and medications) to the Practice that are paid directly to an outside vendor on your behalf.

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