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Shared Help Fertility Treatment Discount Program

Since the inception of the Shared Help Fertility Treatment Discount Program in January 2009, over 1,300 Shady Grove Fertility patients have benefited from discounted treatment at our Center. Roughly 87% of applicants have been approved for the program.

The Shared Help Fertility Treatment Discount Program is designed to help make fertility testing and treatment more affordable, by offering a discount to patients who have no insurance coverage for fertility treatment. 
Read Selena's journey and how Shared Help enabled her and her husband to pursue treatment.

Shared Help provides patients, whose income is $95,000 or less, with a discount off the cost of most fertility services provided by SGF. The percentage discount is based on annual household income which is confirmed by two years of tax returns. Discounts do not apply when the fees are paid to an outside service and, therefore, not within our control. Services provided at one of SGF 17 offices are eligible for discounts. All outside services and insurance fees such as co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance are not eligible for discounts 

Eligibility Criteria: 
  • Annual household income (including business income, rents, capital gains, etc.) must be $95,000 or less based on last two years US Federal Tax Returns. (75% weighting towards most recent year).
  • Meets normal medical criteria for desired treatment.
  • Uninsured or denied insurance coverage for the treatments and procedures.
  • Must be U.S. Resident.
  • Re-qualification required every 12 months. Send in updated tax returns.  

For more information on Shared Help, please fill out this form or contact our friendly new patient liaison at 888-348-5599.