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Shared Donor Egg

Shared Donor Egg is a very popular option that can reduce the cost of treatment by up to 50% or it can offer a 6 cycle 100% money-back guarantee for the same cost as a traditional donor egg cycle.  The pregnancy rates for patients  who have selected this program are equal to the pregnancy rates of traditional egg donation. There no waiting list to receive donated eggs.

The program is exclusively offered at Shady Grove Fertility Centers and was developed in response to one of the major barriers patients experience when donor egg is their only treatment option; the lack of insurance coverage for an expensive, yet highly successful, procedure.

What is the Shared Donor Program?

Shared Donor means that two or three recipient couples will be matched with one egg donor. The cycles of each recipient couple are synchronized and the eggs that are retrieved from that donor are shared between the recipients.
An analysis of our experience with over 3,300 egg donor cycles clearly demonstrates that the majority of egg donors will produce enough eggs to share with more than one recipient. In an average donor egg cycle, 21 eggs are retrieved; 60% (13) of those eggs are fertilized and 60% (8) of the fertilized eggs produce good quality embryos. Our goal is to transfer one or two good quality embryos to the recipient. If any extra good quality embryos remain, they can be frozen. In the Shared Donor Program, most of the good quality embryos will be transferred to recipient couples, leaving fewer embryos available for cryopreservation.
The qualifications for acceptance as an Egg Donor are extensive and multi-dimensional. Donors are thoroughly screened for the following: medical, genetic, infectious disease, drug screen, as well psychologically. Of the 15,000+ women that apply annually, Shady Grove Fertility accepts three percent (3%) of the applicants. In addition to our thorough screening process, donors are again re-screened for infectious diseases within thirty-days of the egg retrieval, as is required by the FDA. 
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The Shared Donor Options

There are several variations within the Shared Egg Donor Program which offers patients the ability to truly customize a plan that works for them, from a medical, emotional, and financial perspective. One fee-for-service option allows patients to realize a savings of up to 50% over the cost of a traditional donor egg treatment cycle. Another all-inclusive Shared Risk option gives patients the opportunity to undergo up to six cycles, if necessary, with a 100% money back guarantee if a baby is not delivered. Patients pay a flat fee equal to one traditional donor egg cycle that includes the treatment, donor fee, and medications for all six cycles. What is different, or the trade off, is that the donor is shared. As our data below demonstrates, success rates remain very high even when donors are shared among one, two, or three recipient couples. 

Table 1: Donor Egg Program Statistics, Jan 1, 2007 - December 31, 2011

Initiated Insem ET Clinical Preg.
(% ET)
Ongoing Preg.
(% Initiated)
Non-Shared 659 606 578 377 (65%) 313 (47%)
1st of 2 559 526 513 311 (61%) 265 (47%)
2nd of 2 557 492 474 298 (62%) 253 (45%)
1st of 3 553 529 500 311 (62%) 253 (46%)
2nd of 3 539 494 478 300 (63%) 254 (47%)
3rd of 3 515 415 394 252 (64%) 216 (42%)

To view our complete Donor Egg Program Statistics click here.

The response to our innovative Shared Donor Egg program has been beyond our expectations, and even more exciting is the fact that there has been no decrease in success when donor eggs are shared while cutting the cost. On behalf of our patients, we are proud of providing a treatment that achieves an excellent pregnancy rates at an affordable cost.

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