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Dual Insemination

Male couples have the opportunity to each provide sperm that can be used to create an embryo, through dual insemination, which can then be transferred to a known or recruited GC to carry the pregnancy.

After the donor has gone through the egg retrieval process, both males will provide previously frozen sperm samples that the embryologist will use to inseminate the donated eggs. An embryo created in this process is then transferred to the GC for potential implantation.

If the couple opts for dual insemination, SGF does not “mix” sperm, but rather each partner will be allotted eggs from a known or anonymous egg donor to inseminate. Each sperm/egg source is monitored carefully as it develops from blastocysts to embryos in the laboratory.

If it is decided that the couple only wants to transfer one embryo, but create embryos from each partner, the couple can determine whose embryo will be used first. To help guide couples with this decision, our embryologists and the couple’s physician can make a choice of which embryo is the best to transfer based on the “grading” of the embryo. Full disclosure will be provided to the couple of the origin of the embryo that was selected for transfer.

Should a male couple decide to transfer both embryo(s), one from each intended father, it is important that all parties, including the GC, be comfortable with the potential for twins, or potentially higher order multiples should the embryo(s) split.

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