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Injection Tips & Videos

Group Injection Classes Are Cancelled Until Further Notice

Please contact your local office for one on one, or video teaching options.


Shady Grove Fertility offers many resources to help prepare patients for the injections they may need to administer throughout their treatment. Whether you rather watch a video or attend an in-person training there is something for everyone that can help them become more comfortable with this aspect of treatment.

Video Resources

No matter the fertility medication prescribed, the library of video resources available through Freedom Fertility Pharmacy is able to walk you through step by step how to administer each of the commonly prescribed fertility medications.

In-office training and educational classes

The majority of our offices offer in-person classes lead by a member of our nursing team for a small fee. These classes cover the following topics:

  • Treatment Cycle Review
  • Medication including storage, preparation, mixing, and administration
  • What to expect at the egg retrieval
  • Various other important information regarding treatment

Call your local office to sign up for the next class.

In-Home Injection Service

Some patients that are unable to administer their medications may opt to use an in-home injection service. Patients using this service will with speak with a scheduler to arrange for a registered nurse to come directly to their home where the nurse will prepare and administer the patient's medications. Local in-home services include:

emergency Nurse Hotline

Many medications will be given at a specific time, which can often fall outside of our regular business hours. When an urgent and time sensitive question arises and your office is closed our on-call nursing team can help you with your questions. If your concern is not urgent or an emergency that can wait until the office opens the following day it is best to call your nurse directly when the office is open. Emergency Nurse Hotline 1.800-239-5613.

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