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Having a team that’s with you the whole way really boosts your confidence, makes you feel safe, makes you feel like you can ask questions… It was wonderful, it honestly made me feel kind of treasured in a way.

My mother struggled with fertility and had my wonderful brother with fertility treatments and I would love to give another family the chance to either start a family or expand their current family.

For me, egg donation is a privilege and I consider myself lucky to be able to give in such a profound way. The first time I donated, I remember vividly how emotionally good I felt. Pure, simple goodness in the knowledge that I created hope where previously there had been none.

I felt so passionate and positive about my experience, I couldn’t wait to share it with more women so that they, too, could experience the same.

It’s the excitement and joy that I feel knowing that I can help a family in such a special way that means the most to me. My next donation is already scheduled, and I plan to continue donating as long as recipients continue to choose me.

I didn’t have money to pay for IVF and tried other companies. I can never fully express my gratitude to Fertility Finance for making my dream of motherhood come true. You are responsible for giving me the most precious gift I will ever receive and I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Loretta Trumble, CRNP, maintains Board Certification through the Maryland Board of Nursing and the National Certification Corporation. She is a member of the National Nurse Practitioner Association and the Nurse Practitioner Association of Maryland. She collaborates closely with SGF physicians in evaluating and providing care for patients in the Towson and Annapolis, Maryland offices.

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  • Nurse Practitioner Program: University of Maryland
  • Fertility testing
  • Performing ultrasounds – baseline, monitoring, and obstetric
  • Performing intrauterine inseminations (IUI)
  • Performing saline sonograms/mock embryo transfers
  • Reviewing labs and outside medical records
  • Counseling patients with abnormal genetic screening results and next steps
  • Performing urgent care evaluations
  • National Nurse Practitioner Association
  • Nurse Practitioner Association of Maryland

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I always felt passionate about working with women who had concerns regarding fertility. While going through infertility workup and treatment years ago, I became even more interested in reproductive medicine. It was an eye opening experience being on the opposite side of the exam table. After working in the OB/GYN aspect of women’s health, reproductive medicine provided me with a professional challenge as well as a chance to help patient’s navigate thru their family building journey.

I like to exercise especially run and bike, cook, read, garden and most of all spend time with my husband and our son.

One from the past – our family used to make our own wine by stomping on the grapes in a big vat in our garage. One from more recent time – I have completed multiple half Ironman races.

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