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Shady Grove Fertility In

Silver Spring, MD

Third Space Wellness
8001 Kennett Street, Suite B
Silver Spring, MD 20910
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Available at the Rockville office

Patients of this office may visit the Rockville, MD location for monitoring.

For emergencies after hours, please call: 1.800.239.5613

or the local number: 301.446.2645

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New Patient Appointments or 1.888.761.1967


As one of the nation’s leading fertility centers, Shady Grove Fertility offers patients in Montgomery County – Silver Spring access to advanced fertility treatment and unique financial options. Our Silver Spring location is a satellite office and is specially designed to offer patients access to new patient consultation and follow-up appointments with Dr. Lauren Roth in a setting that’s closer to home. For monitoring, diagnostic, and other appointments, patients will have the option of visiting the Rockville, MD location-or any of our other full-service locations.

  • New Patient Appointments
  • Follow-up Appointments
  • IUI, IVF, and Donor Egg Treatment
  • Egg Freezing Consultation
  • OncoFertility Consultation

If you have questions about diagnosing infertility or would like to schedule an appointment at Shady Grove Fertility's Silver Spring, MD office, please call 1-888-761-1967 or schedule an appointment online.



The Silver Spring office is a 10-minute walk from the Silver Spring Metro stop on the Red Line (and the Amtrak Marc Train stop for the Brunswick Line). The office is also accessible via the 28 Bus and the Van Go free Silver Spring Circulator, which both stop at 13th and Kennett.


Parking is available directly in front of and next to our space via metered street and public garage parking.

The Team

"Dr. Roth is amazing! After dealing with infertility for about 4 years, she was so kind and understanding. She made the rest of our fertility journey an extremely positive experience. She was always available to answer any and all questions I had and was always very quick to respond to any concerns. I will forever be grateful for her help in the successful fertility treatment, pregnancy, and birth of my precious daughter!"

"Dr. Roth is the type of steady professional you need for something as challenging as infertility treatment. Thanks to her we now have a beautiful, healthy, baby girl after almost giving up hope after years of trying. She is honest, realistic, and determined. She explained everything clearly, listened to our concerns and respected our choices while communicating her professional opinion. She was also very accessible always replying to emails and phone messages during my wife's IVF treatment."

"Dr. Roth was wonderful. She helped us conceive our third child after a devastating ectopic pregnancy. She remained optimistic even though my maternal age proved to be an obstacle with my egg numbers and viability. She was almost as excited as I was when we saw my son's heartbeat for the first time. She really cares about her patients and helping them bring children into this world. She's awesome."

"I would highly recommend Dr. Roth to anyone and everyone. My experience was amazing and so positive. Dr. Roth was so patient with us when explaining our options and how the process worked. She was always available and willing to answer any questions that came up along the way. I truly felt like she wanted my husband and I to have a baby as much as we did and that support was crucial to us throughout our IVF journey."

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