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Same-Sex Female Couples

Fertility treatment for lesbian couples

If you are a same-sex female couple, when you begin your fertility journey, one of the first decisions you must make is who will carry the pregnancy. The partner carrying the pregnancy will then proceed with an infertility work-up. If there is a good prognosis, you will then select a sperm donor that you will use to achieve the pregnancy.

After you select the donor, the cryobank sends the frozen sperm sample directly to SGF, where our andrologists will thaw and analyze it in our andrology lab. From there, you will undergo an intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization cycle using the donated sperm.

Carrying your partner's biological child

Another LGBT family building option for lesbian couples is choosing to have one partner provide the egg and the other partner carry the pregnancy. This is a more complex treatment protocol where we will test both partners and both will take medication to boost their fertility. This is an excellent way for both you and your partner to feel connected to the pregnancy and the child.

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