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US News and World Report: The Wellness Center at Shady Grove Fertility

At Shady Grove Fertility, we focus on all aspects of care during your fertility treatment. Beyond traditional care, we know that holistic and non-traditional treatments can also bring peace of mind and comfort to our patients. Recently, U.S. News and World Report featured an article on an Asian post-birth practice, confinement. Our nutritionist, Meghan Sylvester, gave her input on the confinement practice and spoke to some of the benefits of this non-traditional care.

What the Shady Grove Fertility Wellness Center Offers

The Wellness Center at Shady Grove Fertility offers a range of holistic services to help support your mind and body during traditional fertility treatment.

  • Acupuncture – The ancient art of acupuncture has been credited with the ability to reduce stress by increasing the endorphins in the body.
  • Massage – Taking time for yourself can help you feel more in control during stressful situations.
  • Nutrition – Women closer to their ideal body weight have a better chance of conception than those who are either overweight or underweight.


The Benefits of Holistic Care during Fertility Treatment

SGF’s board certified reproductive endocrinologist, Melissa Esposito, M.D., of our Frederick, MD and Harrisburg, PA offices says of Shady Grove Fertility’s Wellness Center services, “It is well understood that patients who deal with chronic medical issues often find the treatments exceedingly stressful and anxiety provoking. This is certainly the case for many couples who experience infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss. Not only are the treatments physically taxing, but even more importantly, the emotional toll that patients experience can be very painful. We often see that over time, some patients become so stressed and overwhelmed that they stop treatment altogether, thus leading to even more sadness over not having a baby. It is exactly for these reasons that we are so proud to have our Wellness Center in place for our patients. The Wellness Center offers patients the opportunity to complement their fertility treatment with holistic treatments such as acupuncture and massage, both of which have been shown to markedly reduce stress levels thereby improving a sense of ‘well-being.’ Stress reduction is key for everyone, especially those who are suffering with medical issues over prolonged periods of time. Along with the benefits of stress reduction are the numerous physical benefits that have been attributed to these modalities, including but not limited to improvement in pelvic and uterine blood flow.”

Weight and Fertility

Dr. Esposito adds, “There is a large emerging body of evidence to show that extremes of weight can markedly decrease success rates, possibly due to alterations in various hormone levels important for successful reproduction. Shady Grove Fertility offers an 8-week weight loss program, Fit to be Fertile, that includes one on one counseling for patients with our dietitian, in addition to weekly group sessions where current or prospective patients are educated on various nutrition topics. Throughout, perhaps most importantly, participants in the program provide support for each other as each strives to lose weight and become healthier. We feel very strongly and passionately that our Wellness Center is a valuable resource to our patients and very strongly encourage all who are interested to check it out and see for themselves.”

The Shady Grove Fertility Wellness Center: Our Commitment to Your Care

Along with all of our physicians at Shady Grove Fertility, the Wellness Center practitioners are dedicated to the highest level of care for our patients. “Before treatment can begin (for any of our services—massage, acupuncture, or nutritional counseling) our practitioners take the time to review a patient’s medical history and detailed intake sheet. Only then do we meet with patients 1:1 to really work through all the contributing factors that may be affecting their health and wellness,” says Meghan Sylvester, Shady Grove Fertility nutritionist.

Sylvester adds, “We are all trained to treat the ‘whole person’—and will ask questions about physical and emotional health including medical diagnoses, diet and weight history, frequently experienced symptoms (i.e., frequent headaches, gas/bloating, anxiety/depression, poor sleep habits, irregular hair growth/loss), work/life balance, and overall stress levels. We understand that stress and anxiety often play a huge role in one’s fertility journey and, we as practitioners, must meet each patient where they are. We work with our patients to determine which holistic treatments and interventions are right for them. When a patient helps create their treatment plan, they are much more likely to adhere to and believe in the intervention(s), which can ultimately lead to great results and have a positive impact on their overall health.”


To learn more about Shady Grove Fertility’s Fit to be Fertile Program or any other of the Shady Grove Fertility Wellness Center services, please contact us.

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