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Now is the Time to Be Selfish

by Jessica, former patient and current SGF employee

jessica - infertility at 25
Jessica was a former (successful) patient who become a Patient Service Representative after her treatment at Shady Grove Fertility.

Blood draws, transvaginal ultrasounds, missing work, and paying lots of money on top of it doesn’t sound very appealing when you first hear about infertility treatment, however there are some good parts surround treatment. My favorite? My husband.

My husband, Brian, works with a law enforcement agency – and at the time – had a very inconvenient work schedule. We would go days without seeing each other, having only time for an early morning goodbye kiss or a late night goodnight kiss. But when it came to starting fertility treatment, as a couple, we decided that he would be there for me every step of the way and that included him joining me for every appointment that I had at Shady Grove Fertility.

On the days that I would go to Shady Grove Fertility, we would turn it into a ritual and it was our time that we got to spend together. We would take advantage of it by waking up early, going to the appointment, and then going to get breakfast together before we had to go our separate ways. Brian and I would look forward to the days where I had appointments because then we knew we would be able to spend an extra couple hours together that we originally didn’t have.

It helped me significantly knowing that I had something to look forward to with each monitoring appointment. Going through treatment is stressful and nothing is ever set in stone, it is nice to have a routine going where you have some stability. If you don’t have a husband with a flexible schedule, try something that would give you great joy. You could bring a very enjoyable book that is so difficult to put down; attend acupuncture after each appointment; take the extra long way to work to clear your head; bring a good friend who makes you forget about getting poked and prodded; or treat yourself to something that is normally so selfish, but totally worth it. You, as a patient, have put your body through so much and totally deserve every single selfish act possible.

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