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Main Line Parent: Fertility Treatment in Pennsylvania

Fertility Treatment in Pennsylvania When it comes to having a baby, nothing is predictable. In the recent Main Line Parent magazine article, Taking the 360 Degree View of Motherhood: Navigating the journey from pregnancy to new mom, and beyond, Dr. Isaac E. Sasson of the SGF Bala Cynwyd and Chesterbrook, PA offices shares why Shady Grove Fertility is the right choice for those looking to start or grow their family.

If you think you may need help in order to conceive, there are a few things to consider, Sasson advises.

Age is a Key Factor

A woman’s age is the number one contributing factor when it comes to having a baby. SGF recommends, for the best chances of pregnancy, for couples in which the woman is younger than 35 who have been having unprotected intercourse for over a year, to see a fertility specialist for evaluation. If you are 35 to 39, an evaluation is warranted after 6 months of unprotected intercourse with no conception; and after 3 months or immediately for women 40 and older.

Individualized Care Team

Once you decide to start your fertility journey, Sasson reminds couples that SGF provides you with all of the resources you need, including your doctor and nurses, a patient care representative, a financial counselor, and even access to a fertility-focused mental health support team and number of support groups. We also regularly offer informational webinars and physician-hosted seminars to educate men and women about fertility causes, symptoms, testing, treatment, and success rates, even what to expect throughout the process.

“Having an individualized team and care plan allows for uniform message and communication so that your doctor and nurse know you the best and can personalize treatment for you rather than one size fits all,” Sasson said.

Afford Fertility Treatment in Pennsylvania 

After meeting with your doctor and discussing the right treatment plan for you, the next conversation is about the cost. Cost is a huge factor when it comes to fertility treatment and SGF is committed to removing the financial barriers of treatment. In fact, we offer a Shared Risk 100% Refund Program for IVF using your own eggs or donor eggs.

With Shared Risk, couples receive up to six rounds of IVF treatment or donor egg cycles, and as many frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycles that you wish that result from the fresh cycle. Approximately 82% of patients who participate in our Shared Risk Program will take home a baby. Patients who do not take home a baby or choose to withdrawal from the program prior to six cycles receive a 100% refund.

“This takes away the stress and anxiety associated with the expensive fertility treatment,” Sasson said. “Rather than the traditional model of ‘try again, pay again’ with no end in sight, you know exactly what is going to happen—you will either deliver a baby, or receive a full refund.”

This program allows those trying to have a baby to have peace of mind that they can keep trying, or if the treatments don’t work, they can use the refunded money for additional treatment or even adoption.

“Our practice philosophy is to always put the patient first, providing the most comprehensive, efficient, financially responsible and compassionate care. Our goal is to empower couples to choose what is best for them,” Sasson said.

Shady Grove Fertility in Pennsylvania

There are four Shady Grove Fertility offices in Pennsylvania located in Bala Cynwyd, Chesterbrook, Harrisburg, and Reading. The Chesterbrook office is a full-service, state-of-the-art center and laboratory where IVF and egg donor procedures take place. Services at each location in Pennsylvania include patient consultations, monitoring, andrology services, and IUI.

The staff in Pennsylvania includes six board-certified reproductive endocrinologists, a medical support team, and embryology laboratory staff.


You are ready for this child, but maybe your body is telling you otherwise. If you’re not getting the results you want, speaking with a fertility specialist could be the next step in the right direction for you. To schedule an appointment with one of our physicians in PA, MD, VA, or Washington, D.C. call 877-971-7755.

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  1. Cheryl Stephens

    July 15, 2017 - 3:56 pm

    We love Dr. Sasson! We were in the Shared Risk and Shared Donor Egg programs. We couldn’t recommend them more highly. The whole team is committed to getting you the result you’ve dreamed of. We are currently 17 weeks pregnant with our little one:) We are so glad we found Shady Grove and Dr. Sasson.

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