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Welcome Dr. Stephanie Beall Now Seeing Patients in the Columbia and Towson Offices

Stephanie Beall, MDShady Grove Fertility is proud to announce Dr. Stephanie Beall, our 29th physician. During Dr. Beall’s orientation she was so kind to sit down and let us ask her all the fun questions… the ones about her!

Meet Dr. Stephanie Beall:

Did you always want to become a doctor?

Yes. Even when I was a little girl playing imagination games, I use to play make believe that I was a doctor performing surgery. I would carefully remove the tiny seeds in grapes using toothpicks for a scalpel and forceps.

What led you to Reproductive Endocrinology?

I have always enjoyed learning about the intricate details surrounding reproduction. But more importantly, I knew that I wanted to become a reproductive endocrinologist after working with infertile couples during my medical school and residency training.  For me, helping a loving couple start a family is incredibly satisfying.

What would you consider your communication style?

Calm and unpressured. I like to spend time with my patients, allowing them to ask all of their questions. I feel that it is my goal to provide an understanding at the end of the visit, and in doing so help to dismiss misconceptions and fear.  I believe the physician-patient relationship is a relationship founded on mutual respect.

What was the last movie you saw in a movie theatre?

The Hobbit.  It was quite by accident. We always go to the movies on Christmas day and last year when we went the Hobbit was the only movie not sold out. Although I had read the Hobbit series when I was young and enjoyed the movie, my fiancé was not a fan and was very happy when the movie had ended.

What are you most excited about at Shady Grove Fertility?

Being able to build a relationship with my patients and the physicians in the community. I also look forward to acting as a resource through which questions can be answered, fears calmed, and families created.

If you could tell men and women anything about their fertility, what would it be?

Fertility is a precious gift that all to often is not appreciated until it is hard to obtain or taken away prematurely.  It is important to realize that there is a biological time during which we were made to make children. Pushing the limits or attempting pregnancy outside of that window can often lead to disappointment and frustration.  With care and foresight, we can now help couples protect their fertility so that they can have children when they are ready.

Would you ever go sky diving?

Absolutely not! The closest that I have ever come to sky diving was when I went parasailing in Cabo.  While I was dangling in the air above the water all that I could think about was that I wanted to be back on the ground as soon as they could reel me in.  I would never go sky diving!

What do you do in your free time?

I spend my free time with my daughter and my fiancé.  We enjoy cooking together and hosting dinner parties and play dates,  traveling and experiencing the diversity of cultures.

What is your favorite book?

Anything written by Thomas Hardy.

Do you have infamous doctor handwriting?

Only my signature. Otherwise my writing may be small but it is extremely legible and neat.

Summer or Winter?

Summer, I hate the cold. The only exception is snow skiing, which I love however it does require a lot of layers.

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