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#TBT: Throwback Thursday at Shady Grove Fertility: Infertility in 1993

#tbt - KathyOver 25 years ago, Kathy and Paul met working in an emergency room at a local hospital where they fell in love and married a few years later. In their early 20s and shortly after marriage, they decided to have a child. After 3 years of trying, they had their daughter, Kiersten; however, knowing they wanted a sibling for their daughter, they decided to try again!

Five years later, with no success, Kathy and Paul found themselves at the OBGYN learning they had secondary infertility. The OBGYN didn’t seem as concerned as Kathy felt, and she still didn’t understand what was preventing them from conceiving. So, she and Paul ventured to a local fertility center where they hoped to find answers. With limited information about fertility treatment available and vague success rate explanations from the fertility center, Kathy was determined to learn about the unknown – she was on a quest for knowledge. Unlike today, in the early 90s, there wasn’t a lot of information available about this ‘new’ form of fertility treatment, so the young ER nurse found a way to understand the disease affecting her life; she found a clinical nursing position at the new fertility center, Shady Grove Fertility.

#tbt - Kathy's baby MollyAmazed with the patient care, transparency of success rates, treatment options, and affordability, Kathy felt she and Paul could have success at Shady Grove Fertility.  Just 1 IVF cycle later, Molly was born!

Looking back now, Kathy has seen a lot of changes in the world of infertility, both personally and professionally. From new technologies such as ICSI to new physicians and fertility programs, Kathy has been with Shady Grove Fertility through it all. Today she can be found in the Rockville, MD office mentoring and assisting each nurse as they care for patients/couples who dream of having a family. Molly, their beautiful IVF baby is now a Junior at the University of Maryland. Ready Kathy’s complete story.

#tbt - Kathy today

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