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Patient Feedback Delivers Change

Healthcare in America may not always receive the highest grades when it comes to convenience, affordability and especially overall patient satisfaction. Knowing that infertility is both an emotionally and physically taxing experience, Shady Grove Fertility Center strives to set itself apart from traditional healthcare practices by providing only the highest levels of support and service to our patients.

The mission at Shady Grove Fertility Center:
“Our Practice aims to consistently provide the highest level of patient care….Our primary role is to provide optimal patient care. This is manifested in all our intentions.”

The Importance of Timely Feedback97 percent of patients would refer a friend

One way to better understand a patient’s experience is through surveys. In the past, surveys were distributed, compiled and reported on in a rudimentary way that was both time-consuming and manual. In late 2011, Shady Grove Fertility partnered with Press-Ganey, a world-leader in the healthcare field of patient informatics. Press-Ganey’s clients include well-known hospitals and outpatient centers throughout the U.S. Press-Ganey’s survey software distributes the surveys as an impartial 3rd party and reports survey results promptly so that refinements to our operations can be made more efficiently.

Different Needs for Different Patients

Four different surveys measure patients’ journeys and help us to continually improve ourselves and understand the needs of all of our patients.

Survey #1 – After New Patient Appointment

Survey #2 – After IVF Procedure

Survey #3 – After Transfer during Donor Egg Treatment

Survey #4 – After Completion of a Retrieval for Egg Donor

In striving to consistently provide the highest level of patient care, Shady Grove Fertility recognizes that our patients are individuals, with unique cares and concerns. Tailoring surveys to patients’ experiences allows us to learn more closely the key touch points and features that can create an excellent experience for our patients. We also learn about areas that may be problematic, which gives us great insight and the opportunity to improve.

The Surveys

The New Patient experience survey consists of 33 questions that take about 5-10 minutes to complete. The types of questions that are asked of New Patients include items related to the ease of scheduling their appointment, the level of explanation provided by their physician, the information provided by their nurse, and the amount of assistance provided by their financial counselor. Subjective commentary that can be helpful during surveys include things such as;

“Please include some signage to make it easier to locate your practice”

“The interior of your Waiting Room could be warmer and more inviting”

“I wish your phones were turned on earlier. I tried to reach the office early in the morning, but the Answering Machine was still on.”

“Best Part of the Experience: the courteousness and sympathy of the staff and the unrushed atmosphere of the office.”

“Best Part of the Experience: Everyone is very friendly and the office is well-organized and runs well.”

Upon completion of an IVF treatment cycle, patients receive a survey with questions outlining their experience throughout treatment. The questions on the survey aim to provide insight to their IVF injection class, their ASC/surgical experience, and if their treatment outcome was handled in a kind and caring manner. Feedback on recent IVF surveys include:

“Shady Grove is an amazing place. I have been consistently been impressed by the responsiveness of the staff and the quality of care. I feel lucky to be a patient.”

“Excellent and caring experience. We really value our experience.”

When patients using Donated Eggs complete a treatment cycle they are surveyed on topics regarding their donor selection process, and dealing with the various team members involved in their care.

“Coming from a foreign country we felt always good disposition, even seeing us on a Sunday. The information the doctor gave us was always satisfying”

“I am extremely impressed. I feel very well supported and believe that I have received the best treatment possible. This was not an easy road for me to take and your team has made it smooth and so normal!”

The Egg Donors in our Donor Program are also a group of our patients who are surveyed monthly after they complete their donation cycle. The 52-question survey asks about their time in the donor program and education provided as they completed their cycle.

“The staff a Shady Grove is excellent. It’s apparent that the practice strives for exceptionality and won’t settle for less. It was obvious to me that each staff member, doctor or otherwise, truly cared about me as a patient.”

“I liked the phone calls because it made the experience a little more personal, actually being able to speak with my nurse and ask questions right away.”

Survey questions give us objective numbers to follow and trend over time. Subjective patient comments provide outstanding commentary and insight into the good, as well as occasional problematic areas that exist and as a result, are acted and improved upon.

The Results

We are very pleased that among all surveyed groups, the ‘Overall Experience Scores’ range between 92-99% Good to Excellent, and the ‘Recommend this Practice’ results range between 95-99% likely to refer, for First Quarter 2012. This is tallied from a composite patient sample size of over 1100 patients during this timeframe who responded to our surveys.

The experience of each patient while at Shady Grove Fertility is always one of our top priorities. Patient surveys are another tool we use to continually improve the experience of each patient. All patients can expect the opportunity to share their feelings at the conclusion of their New Patient Appointment, IVF or Donor Egg treatment cycle.

If you have comments to share about any aspect of your Shady Grove patient experience, you don’t need to wait for a monthly survey! Please contact Service Quality Supervisor Kathy Bugge, RNC at 301-545-1222, or kathy.bugge@integramed.com.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians, please speak with one of our friendly New Patient Liaisons by calling 888-761-1967.


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