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An Open Letter to the SGF Community on Mother’s Day

Written by an anonymous Shady Grove Fertility patient:

I remember the dread, the sadness, the emptiness, the longing. I remember how it tore a hole in my heart. A hole that felt as though nothing but a child in my arms, finally, could repair. I remember how the days in May leading up to the one most dreaded day, Mother’s Day, seemed to tick by at a snails pace, as if to torture me. I remember the lump in my throat every time another blissful baby announcement would arrive. I remember the pit that would deepen in my stomach every time someone would ask about me, and their insensitive, innocent comments that would leave me in ruin. I remember the jealousy, the regret, the anger, the bitterness. It was all real and all painful.

But friend, it was temporary. Temporary. What? Wait. Listen. I promise you. I beg you.

You will get through this.

These dark clouds, this storm, it will pass and the light will emerge again. And it will be a beautifully blinding light. But only if you promise to never give up. Only if you stay in the fight. You may not see the finish line yet but it’s there and it’s closer than you think. But you have to finish the race. Finish the work you have started.

But don’t try this alone. Turn to your team, grab them by the arm, and take the last laps in a pack together. You don’t have to fight this fight alone. You’re not meant to. Let your strength be renewed by leaning on that of others. You have a legion, a community, a tribe around you who desires nothing more than to see you finish the race, and finish it strong. Go find them, and hold them close to you. Let them in. They’re there if you seek.

And when you do cross that beautiful, long awaited finish line, the victory, my friend, is sweeter than you can even imagine. You’ll come to know a love like you’ve never known before and you will be thankful that you didn’t give up.

Never give up. I beg you. You can do this. You deserve this. You will make it. You are strong enough. The prize and the victory are yours for the taking. If you believe and if you never, ever give up.



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