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An Open Letter: From a Mother who Faced Infertility to her Child

Written by an anonymous Shady Grove Fertility patient:

Let me tell you a story, dear child
Of just how you became you
The road was curvy, long and winding
But love and hope saw us through

We stood in the face of many setbacks
Defeats, loss, and tears
But fixed on our eyes on the prize that was you
In spite of the sorrow and fear

When you desire for something this special this much
And adversity stands in your way
You’re offered two simple options, my dear
So we hit our knees and prayed

At times it was hard to believe you would come
Yet unwavering was our desire
Our strength was tested, our resilience unsure
But we never let our hope grow tired

We loved you before we knew you
It was you our arms would embrace
While it shook our faith, we didn’t give up
God’s love gave us solace and grace

Someday you’ll know this same type of love
As genuine and sweet as can be
You were every bit worth fighting for
The purest of love you give me

Imagine wanting something so bad
Nothing else in this world will do
That, indeed, is your story, my dear
But love and hope saw us through

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