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Shady Grove Fertility Merges with Georgia Reproductive Specialists

With 25 locations throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., Shady Grove Fertility announced earlier this week that we are merging with Georgia Reproductive Specialists (GRS)—with three locations across the Greater Atlanta metro. By combining the successful clinical, scientific, and operational approaches under the brand “SGF Atlanta,” the merger offers an exceptional opportunity to provide enhanced fertility services to more patients in Atlanta and its surrounding areas.

In light of the big news, the Washington Business Journal reached out to SGF Chief Executive Officer, Mark Segal, to discuss the advantage of the merger and how this opportunity provides greater access to enhanced fertility care for residents of the Greater Atlanta metro and beyond.

About Shady Grove Fertility (SGF) and Georgia Reproductive Specialists (GRS)

Shady Grove Fertility, the largest, privately-owned fertility practice in the nation, was founded in 1991 by Michael. J. Levy, M.D., and Arthur Sagoskin, M.D. Today, the practice, under the leadership of SEO, Mark Segal, offers evidence-based fertility solutions that have resulted in more than 40,000 babies and counting. Today, with 38 physicians (plus three more joining us from GRS), and a specialized team of more than 700 Ph.D. scientists, geneticists, and staff, we are amidst our 26th year of continued growth with new opportunities and expansion on the horizon.

Founded in 2000 by Mark Perloe, M.D., Georgia Reproductive Specialists is the third largest IVF practice in the Greater Atlanta region. GRS offers a full range of reproductive medicine and fertility treatments and more than 50 years of combined experience in reproductive medicine and infertility treatment provided by board certified physicians. The goal of the practice is to provide innovative, advanced, high value fertility care in an environment that patients feel comfortable in.

GRS’s combination of high success rates and their approach to care complements well the structure of SGF.

More SGF Expansion on the Horizon

Mark Segal will remain CEO of the combined company that is based in Rockville, MD. Segal anticipated “continued expansion over the next few months” for SGF. According to Segal, there is potential for partnerships with existing practices and opening new locations where “there is an opportunity to provide great service in markets that are underserved.”

Continued growth and new opportunities are something that SGF strives for in order to help patients access care. With hopes to be the first of many expansions, the merger with GRS is SGF’s first move beyond the Mid-Atlantic region. SGF Atlanta will bring the practice to 28 locations and more on the way.

This merger brings excitement to both practices. It unites a common mission to help more individuals and couples realize their dreams of a family.

“Among the reasons we’re excited about this collaboration is because it connects practices and providers who share similar values and goals. SGF has been at the forefront of many advances and services that have helped patients access care. A practice of this size offers a unique advantage and current and new GRS patients will benefit from a range of financial packages pioneered by SGF. Among them, SGF’s signature Shared Risk 100% Refund Program for IVF and Donor Egg that will bring a new affordable guarantee option to the patients of Greater Atlanta,” remarks Dr. Perloe.

Uniting the Two Practices

Uniting the two practices seemed like a natural fit, especially as the two already share a unique talent in the form of internationally renowned Scientific Director of IVF and Embryology Laboratories, Dr. Michael Tucker, one of the world’s top scientists in early human reproduction.

“I have known Dr. Tucker for decades, and over the last few months have come to know the other members of the clinical and management teams. We have developed a mutual admiration and respect for one another. We share much of the same business, medical, scientific, and operational values and culture. The true success of this merger will be measured by the growing numbers of individuals and couples who achieve their dreams of parenthood, which we firmly believe will happen. We are delighted by this new partnership,” adds Segal.

“I have long admired being among the remarkably dedicated physicians, embryologists, and specialty staff of both practices. Each share the same patient-centric care model, and this merger synergistically combines the unique skills of each practice and provides a tremendous advantage to patients. While patients at GRS will benefit from interacting with the same staff they’ve come to know and trust, new benefits include a full range of affordable treatment packages and electronic medical records that make for seamless communication, among others,” adds Dr. Tucker.

Shady Grove Fertility and Georgia Reproductive Specialists have the same goal of providing among the best-in-class, evidence-based, affordable infertility treatment solutions. And both believe in always putting the needs of the patient first.


To learn more about SGF’s merger with Georgia Reproductive Specialists or to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians, please contact our New Patient Center at 1-877-971-7755 or complete this brief online form



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