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Robert Edwards, Pioneer in In Vitro Fertilization Research, Passes Away

Robert Edwards has passwed awayRobert Edwards, a leader and pioneer in the field of reproductive medicine has passed away at the age of 87. The University of Cambridge, where Edwards was a profession, said he passed away in his sleep.

Edwards, along with Dr. Patrick Steptoe, researched and developed in vitro fertilization (IVF). Edwards began his research in 1955 and in 1968 had the first human egg to be fertilized in a laboratory setting.  Shortly after, he began his work with Dr. Steptoe.  While controversial, the two continued with their work and in 1978, celebrated the birth of the world’s first IVF baby, Louise Brown. Brown will be turning 35 this year and has been quoted as saying, “I have always regarded Robert Edwards as like a grandfather to me.”

– World’s First IVF Baby Turns 34

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In 2010, Robert Edwards was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for the development of IVF. A year later, Queen Elizabeth II knighted Edwards “for services to human reproductive biology.”

The field of medicine that has launched since their research has inspired so many. “IVF is such a new field of medicine, which was opened up by Edwards. He changed the world for both couples and physicians,” said Shady Grove Fertility’s Dr. Joseph Doyle. “He is the root of my career inspiration.”

– IVF Treatment: Then & Now

Edwards’s legacy lives on, and the world recently welcomed the 5 millionth IVF baby. “5,000,000 children because of his groundbreaking work. Edwards was the father of IVF,” commented Jim Graham, Embryology Laboratory Director at Shady Grove Fertility.

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