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Getting to Know Dr. Kimberly Moon

Shady Grove Fertility is proud to welcome a new physician to the team – Kimberly S.  Moon, MD. Dr. Kimberly Moon will be seeing patients in our Washington, DC office on K St. starting next week. You might have seen her during her orientation and training in the Rockville and DC offices but here’s a little more information about Dr. Moon.

Dr. Kimberly Moon’s Road to Shady Grove Fertility

Dr. Kimberly MoonDr. Kimberly Moon took a different path to becoming a physician than most. After completing her undergrad degree in economics at Boston College, she traveled to New York City where she took a job in the fashion industry. A “Jane-of-all-trades” as she liked to call herself, Dr. Moon was working with buyers and handling finances for Kenneth Cole.  After a few years, she found that she was not feeling challenged enough and was looking for a career that was more fulfilling.  She decided to go back to school. She took the necessary science classes and started at the Georgetown University School of Medicine.

A focus on women’s health was an obvious match for Dr. Moon. “I’ve always liked OB/GYN, working and connecting with women.” Plus, she really enjoyed her endocrinology classes which made her focus on Reproductive Endocrinology. What sealed the deal? Shady Grove Fertility’s Dr. Eric Widra.

Dr. Widra was giving a lecture at Georgetown on Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility during Dr. Moon’s residency that convinced Dr. Moon that her specialty should be Reproductive Endocrinology.  Funny coincidence, Dr. Jason Bromer (now at Shady Grove Fertility’s Frederick, MD office), who was then Dr. Moon’s chief resident, was also in that lecture hall becoming just as inspired to pursue infertility medicine!

Dr. Moon and Widra stayed in touch as she went on to complete her Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility fellowship at the National Institutes of Health. She has even helped with several research projects Shady Grove Fertility has conducted over the past few years, solidifying her as a perfect match for SGF.

Dr. Kimberly Moon and Infertility

Dr. Moon is energized to begin seeing patients next week at the K St. location in Washington, DC. “I am excited to connect with other physicians and to help patients overcome infertility.”

Dr. Moon is a straight-shooter who knows that fertility patients do their research! And her patient philosophy? Honesty is the best policy. “I believe in being honest and having open communication. I want to explain to patients why something is happening versus just telling them what to do.”

When asked what is the one tip she would share with a patient? “Don’t label yourself or limit your possibilities. With so  many advances in treatment, after we  do the fertility work-up and get to know each other, we can help nearly everyone conceive.”

Dr. Kimberly Moon at Home

Dr. Kimberly Moon grew up in Annapolis, MD and has kept to her local roots. Currently in DC, she still goes out to Annapolis on the weekends where she and her husband enjoy racing sailboats.

And her lifelong goal? Travelling to all the continents. She recently travelled to Australia and just has Asia and Antarctica left to check off the list!

To schedule a new patient appointment with Dr. Kimberly Moon, please click here or call 1-877-971-7755.

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