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Commitment to Patient Care

Shady Grove Fertility’s mission, from its inception over twenty years ago, has been focused on providing exceptional patient care. We are committed to consistently deliver the best possible service from each area of our Practice.

Service is a key value and cornerstone of our Practice

Many of our patients have used the expression, ‘world-class service,’ and we work hard to live up to that compliment. We strive continually to provide an environment where your time in our Practice is friendly and welcoming, and our staff provides clear communication and education about your diagnosis and treatment.

Patient care doesn’t just come in the form of actual medical treatment, but in every communication a patient has with any member of the SGF team. From your initial call to your graduation ultrasound, we listen, empathize, and share information with you. We strive to hire employees who are passionate about their job and empathetic to your needs. This extends to all our Shady Grove Fertility colleagues from those you see – the Front Desk team, your Monitoring team, nurses & doctors – to those who are the behind the scenes – the I.T. Department who works hard to keep our electronic medical programs up and running, our HR Team who hires only the most-qualified employees, the Financial Department who ensures your receive the maximum benefits from your insurance company, Marketing who shares important information with potential and current patients, and our Lab staff who test blood, wash sperm and monitor embryos – all working to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible.

Measuring Patient Care

95% of patients would recommend Shady Grove Fertility to a friend So strong is our zeal to provide such outstanding service, we recently partnered with Press-Ganey, a leader in healthcare informatics, to measure our patients’ experience through their comprehensive surveys.

The first quarter of 2012 showed that 95% of our new patients have a good or very good experience and the same percentage would recommend the practice to a friend or family member.

It is our fervent hope that you recognize our service as stellar, in each aspect of your treatment and time with us.

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