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Shady Grove Fertility’s International Donor Egg Team Attends Sixth Annual London Fertility Show

The Fertility ShowThe Fertility Show is held each year in London, England during the UK’s National Fertility Awareness Week. Over 3,000 attendees seeking information and advice on their fertility attend this event to meet with doctors, clinicians, practitioners, and fertility experts from the UK and around the world.

The International Donor Egg team at The Fertility Show.
The International Donor Egg team at The Fertility Show.

SGF’s International Donor Egg Program exhibited at the 2014 show (held from November 1-2) and had its most successful showing ever, with more than 60 potential egg donation recipients visiting the booth to meet with the team. The International Donor Egg Program team is comprised of Amanda Segal, International Program Team Leader; Carol Dunn, Clinical Coordinator; Gail Felperin, International Team Lead Nurse Coordinator; and Angela Menefee, Recipient Liaison.

Dr. Michael Levy presents on donor egg treatment success rates.
Dr. Michael Levy presents on donor egg treatment success rates.

The International Donor Egg Program was developed to help make donor egg treatment convenient and affordable to patients from countries outside of the United States. We recognized a need for couples experiencing infertility abroad, as many couples were not pursuing treatment due to the overwhelming obstacles associated with seeking treatment in their home country. SGF designed a unique program to help patients overcome some of the barriers of seeking donor egg treatment in the UK, Ireland, and Canada. Our goal is to offer affordable treatment to patients with minimal travel requirements – and maximum success rates. International patients have access to the same incredible donor egg treatment success rates as our domestic patients, as well as our unique Shared Donor Egg Program, which has significantly reduced the cost of donor egg treatment.

To learn more about this program, please contact our International Donor Egg Liaison by calling 001-301-545-1390 or by filling out this form.


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