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#StartAsking: Why So Many Women Choose to be an Egg Donor

With 1 in 8 couples experiencing infertility, it is important for the community to come together,  spread awareness, and let those with infertility know that they have never been—and will never be—alone. This National Infertility Awareness Week (April 24-30, 2016), we encourage you to support the millions of women and men across the country who are struggling with infertility. There are many ways to get involved or give back, but one of the most significant and unique ways to help is by choosing to be an egg donor.

Egg donors make motherhood possible for women who would otherwise be unable to have a child using their own eggs. While choosing to be an egg donor can be an immense decision, many of our donors decide to give because they want to give someone else the chance of a family.

60% Choose to be an Egg Donor Because They Know Someone Who has had Infertility

  • “My mother struggled with fertility and had my wonderful brother with fertility treatments and I would love to give another family the chance to either start a family or expand their current family.”
  • “My best friend found out she is infertile and has wanted to have children since we were kids. It breaks my heart that there are so many women who want children and are unable to do so. It would be so rewarding to give the gift of life.”
  • “Growing up I had a very close friend who was diagnosed as premenopausal at a very early age. This friend is now only 22 years old. Knowing she wants so badly to be a mother but can’t, I would like to donate my eggs to another woman in her honor.”

40% Choose to be an Egg Donor Because They are Mothers Themselves

  • “As a woman, I feel like bringing a child into this world is one of the most powerful things we possess. If that possibility was taken away from me and if I needed an egg donor myself, I would hope that someone else would do that for me.”
  • “When I look into my child’s eyes and hear his giggle, I can’t imagine the pain that must come with struggling to conceive. For me, donating my eggs as a mother myself was my way of ‘paying it forward.’”

75% Choose to be an Egg Donor to Help Others

  • “For me, egg donation is a privilege and I consider myself lucky to be able to give in such a profound way. The first time I donated, I remember vividly how emotionally good I felt. Pure, simple goodness in the knowledge that I created hope where previously there had been none.”
  • “For me, it’s doing the little things for others that occupies the biggest part of my heart. And since donating my eggs was a BIG thing that I could do for someone else, my heart is that much fuller.”

Donating your eggs can be a powerful experience that brings immeasurable joy to a couple who has struggled to conceive. For those selected to donate, they join a small community of women who were also able to impact someone’s life in a grand and meaningful way. Donating eggs is an admirable decision. And even though you’ll never meet the recipient(s) of your eggs, you can be reassured that you have changed someone’s life forever.

Choose to be an egg donor. Learn more about the Shady Grove Fertility Egg Donor Program or apply today to see if you are eligible for egg donation. For questions, call 1-877-DonateEggs.


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