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SGF’s IVF Program: Helping More Patients Conceive than Any Other Fertility Center

IVF-Program-Report-View-ebookThe publication of Shady Grove Fertility’s 22nd Annual IVF Program Report exemplifies another year in which more patients than ever before came to SGF to overcome infertility. A historic amount of cycles were performed, leading to a record number of babies born.

Since the inception of SGF in 1991, more than 30,000 babies have been born through fertility treatment at our center. We continue to adapt and enhance our IVF Program in order to help even more couples achieve their dream of parenthood. While fresh IVF cycles have always reliably helped our patients conceive, frozen embryo transfers (FETs) have expanded our IVF Program by increasing available treatment options. Due to technological advancements, FET outcomes are now as successful as fresh cycles. Additionally, FET cycles give patients the opportunity to return at a later date to continue building their family in a manner that will have a lower cost with less invasive treatment.

singletonsAnother way in which SGF has sought to improve a patient’s chance of conception is to educate patients on the risks of multiple births. As part of this education, physicians promote elective single embryo transfer (eSET) when patients have a good prognosis. If eSET is chosen by the patient, the risk of giving birth to twins and triplets is reduced, without impacting successful outcomes. Data has shown that patients have the same clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer with one embryo that they would have with multiple – but the rate of twins with a single embryo drops from 43% to a mere 1%. Last year, approximately 80% of patients in the IVF Program achieved a healthy singleton pregnancy, largely due to choosing eSET.

The data that you will find within the 22nd Annual IVF Program Report represents a very successful year for Shady Grove Fertility from a clinical standpoint. But for the physicians and staff at SGF, this report represents the individuals that have been helped and the families that have been built. It represents the joy experienced every time we receive a birth announcement in the mail from one of our patients. 2,800 isn’t just the most significant number in this report because of its size; its significance is that we helped our patients give birth to 2,800 healthy, beautiful babies through our IVF Program.

Read Shady Grove Fertility’s 22nd Annual IVF Program Report

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