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Fox 43: Dr. Brianna Schumacher on freezing your eggs, Build a Family When You are Ready

Shady Grove Fertility Welcomes Dr. Brianna Schumacher to the Pennsylvania medical team. Dr. Brianna Schumacher, who sees patients out of SGF’s Philadelphia and Chesterbrook offices, joined Fox 43 News to explain why egg freezing is such a beneficial option for individuals and couples looking to preserve their fertility.

“I will ask how many kids they want. They say we will be happy with one.” However, Dr. Schumacher says she wants to give couples a chance to have their ideal family.

Patients range from those who went through IVF and have extra embryos they want to save for the future, and women who want to save their eggs now.

“A lot of women that come to me will be single women or women who are in a relationship or have endometriosis,” said Dr. Schumacher. “They know they want children someday, but it might not be the time.”

The best time to have a baby is an incredibly personal decision and one that takes significant thought and consideration. As part of this decision-making process, you may choose to freeze your eggs for the following reasons:

  • Timing: There are a multitude of reasons you may not be ready to start a family. Some of the reasons frequently cited by egg-freezing patients are school, career, travel, and—very often—not having met the right partner yet.
  • Future Family Planning: You may already have a child, but you know that by the time you’re ready for more, you may be older and your ovarian reserve (egg supply) may be affected. By freezing when you’re in your early- to mid-30s, your fertility at that point in time will be preserved for the future.
  • Uncertainty: You may not know if you want children, but freezing your eggs provides you with the possibility later on if you change your mind.
  • Known Medical Conditions: Certain medical conditions may impair your ability to have children: endometriosis, family history of premature ovarian failure, or treatment for cancer, to name a few. Egg freezing can help to keep options open for the future.

Dr. Schumacher recommends making the decision to freeze your eggs as early as possible.

“When women are younger, less than 35, we expect most of their eggs to be normal and have the correct number of chromosomes.”

Younger women are becoming more proactive about their fertility. Women are also becoming savvier and more inclined to have their fertility tested to see where their fertility stands in order to preserve their options through egg freezing before the inevitable decline in egg quality and quantity. Many women who freeze call the endeavor “a gift for your future” or a “security blanket” that offers them options for their future.

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Choosing Shady Grove Fertility

Shady Grove Fertility has been freezing eggs using vitrification technology since 2009, performing hundreds of cycles each year, giving us substantial experience with the process. Furthermore, enough time has elapsed to allow the accumulation of data for pregnancy outcomes in women returning to use their frozen eggs.

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Getting started is simple. To learn more about egg freezing at Shady Grove Fertility or to schedule an appointment, call 1-877-411-9292 or submit this brief online form.


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