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China Global Television Network Turned to SGF’s Dr. Naveed Khan to Discuss Advances in Egg Freezing

Naveed Khan, M.D. Discusses Advances in Egg Freezing
Medical Contribution by Naveed Khan, M.D.

China Global Television Network interviewed egg freezing expert, Dr. Naveed Khan of SGF’s Leesburg, VA and Dulles-Aldie, VA offices to discuss the advances in egg freezing and how the technology used to freeze eggs continues to increase in effectiveness. The network also took a sneak peek into SGF’s state-of-the-art IVF laboratory to understand the process behind egg freezing.

“In the beginning, success rates of eggs surviving from a freeze was only 10%, now over 80-90% of the eggs survive. This in part to a process called vitrification, which is a flash freezing of the eggs. Because of this technology, pregnancy rates with frozen eggs is just as good as fresh eggs,” says Khan.

Advances in Egg Freezing on the Rise

SGF has been freezing eggs using vitrification technology since 2009, and performs hundreds of cycles each year, giving us substantial experience with the process. SGF has seen an 83% growth in their egg freezing program since 2013, and the numbers of women choosing this viable option continue to rise. The popularity of egg freezing at SGF is largely contributed to continuous innovation that is increasing success rates; transparent, published success rates; and a variety of affordable financial programs.

When to Freeze Your Eggs

Women are born with all of the eggs they will ever have—a lifetime supply—generally around 1 to 2 million. As a woman ages, the number of eggs in her ovarian reserve slowly declines, with a steeper decline beginning around age 35. On average, the most optimal time to freeze is in your early to mid-30s while your fertility potential is still near its peak. However, at our practice, you can freeze your eggs between the ages of 30 and 40. Some women may need to freeze younger based on circumstances, while others may have more time. This is dependent on medical history and ovarian reserve function.

A clinician will consult with you following baseline testing and advise on the need, timing, and quantity of eggs to freeze based on your desire to have one, two, or three children in the future.

Is Egg Freezing Successful?

SGF is one of the only fertility centers in the U.S. with published egg freezing pregnancy data. With this information, women have a better idea of what to expect from their egg freezing cycles in regards to the probability of taking home one or more children based on her age and number of mature frozen eggs.

Based on this data, women ages 30 to 34 who freeze 30 eggs have above a 90 percent chance of taking home one baby, a 70 percent chance of taking home two babies, and about a 40 percent chance of taking home three babies.


To make egg freezing an accessible option for women, we have developed several financial programs designed to meet the various needs of patients pursuing elective egg freezing:

Fee for Service: The financial option that is most often used by patients is the Fee for Service financial option. $7,500 covers the cost of one egg freezing cycle including, monitoring appointments, the egg retrieval, cryopreservation and the first year of storage. There are no eligibility requirements for this option.

Single Cycle + Storage (as low as $195/month): One of the newest options for egg freezing candidates is a discount financial program that offers cycle one with long-term (5 years) storage included for $9,000, and as low as $195/month depending on credit and length of term, plus a refund on storage for women who choose to thaw/use their eggs early. Women who use this program receive a $900 discount in storage fees during the first 5 years and will pay $50/month thereafter.

There are no eligibility requirements in order to participate, and the monthly rate is based on credit history and length of term through Fertility Finance. For women who choose additional cycles, further discounts apply.


Assure Fertility: The Assure Fertility Financial Program is one of the only guarantee, flat-fee programs in the country for women interested in elective egg freezing. This program guarantees either a certain number of eggs or cycles, whichever comes first.

Egg freezing can be a big decision, but it can also be an amazing gift to yourself. Having options in life is something that we all value. The process of egg freezing allows you to have the option of having a baby later in life, when you’re ready, without the pressure of a ticking biological clock.


To learn more about egg freezing or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Naveed Khan or any other SGF reproductive endocrinologist, please contact our New Patient Center at 1-877-971-7755 or complete our online form.

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