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Bekah and Chris Bartley Share Their Inspiring Patient Success Story of Having Three Children from One Fresh IVF Cycle

I’ll never forget that moment in Dr. Greenhouse’s office in Fair Oaks, after three failed IUI cycles, when he looked at us and said, “we need to try IVF.” That was in 2010. We decided to take a break for about a year to just recoup mentally and physically after the IUI cycles. We returned in the fall of 2011 for our first fresh IVF cycle. That decision turned out to be the best decision we ever made, giving us three of our four beautiful daughters.

Right before Thanksgiving 2011, we found out we were pregnant with our daughter, Grace, through our first IVF cycle. From that cycle, we had ended up with six viable embryos, so at the time of our transfer, we had the other five embryos frozen.

Grace was born on July 28, 2012. When she was 11 weeks old, we returned to SGF to ask Dr. Greenhouse about the process of a frozen embryo transfer (FET). Pretty sure he thought we were crazy for coming in so soon (but in all honesty she was a perfect baby). Since he explained I would have to stop breastfeeding in order to start the cycle, we decided to wait until Grace turned one and was weaned.

thumbnail_IMG_4234To our shock, a week after she turned one, we found out we were pregnant on our own. Our “surprise daughter,” Callie, was born in April 2014. We then returned in August 2015 for our first FET cycle, which resulted in our daughter, Millie, born in May 2016.

When Millie was 3 months old, we moved our family to Texas, but kept our embryos with SGF and remained a patient of Dr. Greenhouse’s. SGF and Dr. Greenhouse worked with us seamlessly for our second FET cycle, even though we were remote. My OB/GYN and local fertility practice in Dallas executed all his orders and we flew back to Virginia in November 2017 for the actual embryo transfer. That transfer resulted in our youngest daughter, Maggie, born July 30, 2018. Her birth was especially bittersweet for us as we were in the hospital having her when we learned of Dr. Greenhouse’s passing, which had happened two days earlier on our first daughter’s 6th birthday.

We are forever grateful to SGF and Dr. Greenhouse and the contribution he made to give us our beautiful family. SGF has worked with us every step of the way and we have always felt 100% confident in their advice and treatment plan. IVF turned out to be the difference maker for us and having embryos to freeze was an incredible blessing. We have had a perfect success rate with our single fresh IVF cycle and each of our two FET cycles, and we look forward to expanding our family through additional FET cycles under the care of Dr. Browne in the very near future.

To anyone unsure of freezing their embryos, the FET cycle is significantly less invasive (and less costly) than the fresh cycle, and in our case, has still resulted in 100% success rate.

To anyone at the beginning of their infertility journey, I’d like to say, “I see you. I know you. I’ve been there. And it sucks. It sucks bad. Infertility will always be a part of your story, even if you are blessed with children. A verse that gave me significant strength through our journey and the incapacitating pain of infertility was this: Hope deferred makes one sick at heart. But, a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. -Proverbs 13:12.”

If you are reading this, I highly recommend becoming an SGF patient. I will tell you; they are your greatest advocates. You will not have a better team in your corner than them.

-Bekah & Chris Bartley

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