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ASRM 2016: Retrieval of More Eggs in IVF Leads to More Babies Born Per Cycle

Shady Grove Fertility, a leader in reproductive medicine and clinical research, published a new study that confirmed that retrieval of larger cohorts of eggs leads to more live births, refuting several recent publications suggesting that milder stimulation and retrieval of smaller egg cohorts maximizes births rates. In a normal ovulation

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Decode and Understand Infertility Success Rates: What You Need to Know

How to Understand Infertility Success Rates Medical Contribution by Eric Levens, M.D. and Stephen Greenhouse, M.D. This year, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) released its annual infertility success rates report with a few new features to help patients better interpret the data. As infertility treatment continuously evolves so

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SGF’s IVF Program: Helping More Patients Conceive than Any Other Fertility Center

The publication of Shady Grove Fertility’s 22nd Annual IVF Program Report exemplifies another year in which more patients than ever before came to SGF to overcome infertility. A historic amount of cycles were performed, leading to a record number of babies born. Since the inception of SGF in 1991, more

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